Truong X. Nghiem

|GTD Wisdoms|

On Getting Work Done and Procrastination

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Get Your Work Done (also refer to Getting Things Done)

Stop Surfing, and do your work!

Just get your work done. You can then spend time on other stuff when you are done.

Do what you got to do now, now. Do what you go to do later, later.

You don’t do things because you like it. You do it because you like what the task gives you.

Everyone who gets ahead knows to work on stuff when it needs to get done.

It’s about doing things when you are supposed to do them.

Its not work if it is easy. You never accomplish anything if you never work

Starting is hard. Continuing is harder. Finishing is hardest. Quitting is easy.

Not doing involves mind games. When your mind tells you it can’t go on, you tell it to keep going.

If you stop when you feel like quitting, you accomplished nothing.

Hurry up and finish reading and you can have more time for other things.

If you never do what you need to do, you will never get what you need to do done.

When you don’t feel like doing something is when you should be doing it.

Why Are You Bored?

Cause you are not doing your work.

Why are you not working? Cause its boring.

There is time for everything

This is time to work.

How do you force yourself to work?

Just get started.

Failure is Fun

If you never failed, you never tried anything new.

When tasks get hard, be glad.

You are pushing the limits on what is possible.

Enjoy the hard times, it is how you know you are actually doing work.

FAILURE. Enjoy it while it lasts because eventually you’ll succeed.

If you succeed in everything you do, you are not doing anything at all.

Enjoy failure, its how you know you took a risk.

Cherish the hard times, its how you know you are pushing your limits.

The real test is when the task is no longer fun. That is when you pass or fail.

Success is Hard

When things get hard, is the time you can be most successful.

When you don’t want to go on, rejoice you are on the verge of accomplishment.

Successful people do things that are not always the most fun because it needs to get done.

The only way you’ll be a success is to work really hard on what you need to do.

Successful people do things when it is time to do them. They don’t wait around. They get things done.

Successful people don’t waste time on other projects when there is work to be done.

Successful people do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. They don’t procrastinate.

Focus is what separates success and failure.

The only thing that separates successful people from everyone else is what they do when things get hard.