Biofluid Mechanics with special interests in liquid, gas, particle, and heat flow in the human respiratory system.

Research Area

  • Delivery of medications by inhaled aerosols 
  • Flow and mixing of gases in the lung 
  • Fluid mechanics of coughing 
  • Interaction of the respiratory system with the environment 
  • Cause of respiratory tract infections and diseases 
  • Measurement and correction of resistance to nasal air flow 
  • Heat and water transport in the respiratory system 
  • Mass transfer in the nasal cavity 
  • Uptake of pollutants and odorants in the nose and lung 
  • Obtaining diagnostic information from respiratory gas washout 
  • Flow and deposition of hygroscopic aerosols in the lung 

For additional information on these research topics, please contact Dr. Peter W. Scherer directly or call 215-898-8310 to set up a laboratory visit.

Hayden Hall Pulmonary Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
3320 Smith Walk
Hayden Hall #19
Department of Bioengineering
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Phone 215-898-7214
Fax 215-573-2071