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I am a senior programmer in the PRECISE embedded systems research group at the University of Pennsylvania where I work with professors and graduate students to develop software algorithms and applications.

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TrustForge, a component of VehicleForge

This project aims to develop a credentialing scheme and access control subsystem for a crowd-sourcing collaborative environment. The project is funded by DARPA as part of the Adaptive Vehicle Make portfolio of programs.


This project aims to develop ground vehicle control systems that are resilient to a variety of external attacks. Our approach is to combine control-level and code-level techniques, resulting in an approach comprised of two main stages: control law design and control task synthesis. Control-level defenses address attacks on the environment of the controller, such as attacks on sensors, actuators, communication media (i.e., the network) and computational resources available to the controller. Code-level defenses, achieved through verified code generation of control task code, prevent injection of malicious code into the operation of the controller itself.


SMEDL is a language used for specifying runtime monitors of a system. The central concept of SMEDL lies in the definition of monitoring objects which can track the state and interactions of system objects in a monitored system. Our work has also extended beyond definition of the language into a set of software tools used for easily building working monitors for live systems.