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Hey there!

I'm Pranav - a developer, designer and sophomore studying in the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology at the University of Pennsylvania. I am on the Executive Boards for PennApps and The Dining Philosophers, am a TA for CIS 160 (Intro to Math for CS) and was on the TMT Investing Team at WITG. I'm also a member of the tGELF Leaders Forum. Here's my Resume.

Some of my work outside of school

Clean Watch - A watchface that shows you all you really need. Clean Watch was my first Pebble Watchface. It currently has over 11.5k users on the Pebble Appstore and has been featured as a Pebble Pick.

Pebble Development
One side project I embarked on shortly after getting a Pebble was to build two watch faces (Clean Pebble & Clean Watch) that have over 400 hearts, 13k users and are open sourced for others to fork. Searching the Pebble app store for "Clean" immediately reveals quite a few watch faces that have been based on my code. - Let's talk Movies! was one of the properties of Firefly e-Ventures that I worked on.

UX Internship 2014
I spent the summer of 2014 working at Firefly e-Ventures, New Delhi, India as a UX Intern on their Technology Team. I worked on porting parts of different websites over to JavaScript (essentially found ways to integrate AngularJS with the existing Django-based website). I ported over all the Movie Ratings and Reviews pages on (the Indian equivalent to Rotten Tomatoes) and the Recruiter Search Tool for (a job portal boasting over 10 million users).

Sockless is the first Android app and NodeJS REST API I built.

Bitcamp Hackathon
One of my other side projects was built at Bitcamp (Hackathon at the University of Maryland). It was my first Android App that worked with a NodeJS REST API that allowed roommates to use Geofencing to put a proverbial "sock on the door" that only their roommates could see.

When2Meet Autofill is a chrome extension that I built that autofills When2Meets using your Google Calendar.

Chrome Extension
I built my first chrome extension at HackRU and continued to work on it. It interfaces with the Google Calendar API to autofill When2Meets using your calendar. I built this primarily becuase I needed something that does this, and use it regularly. I continued to work on it after the hackathon to make it better and released it on the Chrome Store in a private beta the following weekend. You can try it here.

Fight Quidditch is Little Fighter, Super Mario Bros. and Quidditch combined, in both single player and two player modes.

Java Game
I also had a lot of fun with my CIS 120 final project (going way beyond what was needed) and built an arcade-fighter game called Fight Quidditch which is a combination of Little Fighter 2, Super Mario Bros. and Quidditch (cause why not) that's insane fun in two player mode, and has an AI driven one-player mode that's great as well. It also uses the konami code as a key game mechanic, thus elevating its level of awesomeness exponentially.

FindMyNGO was a that website I built in 2012.

Django Development
Back in high school (2012 to be precise) I built a website called It aimed to list all Indian NGOs and make social and frictionless, the process of finding and volunteering for an NGO. I spent all summer building this in Django (having started with zero knowledge of what was needed) and managed to pull it off. This being my first experience with building something of this scale, I had however neglected to think of how I was going to acquire users, and I soon realized that Indian NGOs weren't even looking for such a service. While the site was shut down in March 2013, it was a valuable experience both in terms of building technical skills, as well as in understanding the importance of market research and a business plan.

What I've Done in School

PennApps - The nation's premiere college hackathon PennApps was the nation's first college hackathon and remains to date, its best.

I'm on the Executive Board of PennApps and run the Marketing, Design and Outreach Teams. I'm currently working on PennApps Winter 2015. I led the team that designed and built the frontend for the PennApps X (Fall 2014) website, and made huge improvements to branding in terms of consistency and a modern design ethos. I also led a successful marketing campaign to get record numbers of applicants. I've also focused on making PennApps way more Press-friendly. I'd previously made a promo video on very short notice for PennApps Spring 2014. If there's one thing you need to know about me, it's that I do PennApps and Hackathons.

The Dining Philosophers Penn's Computer Club is known as The Dining Philosophers after the famous CS problem.

The Dining Philosophers
I'm also on the Executive Board for The Dining Philosophers and run the Hacking/Learning Committee. I recently designed and ran a workshop series called Code Weekend to introduce first-time hackers to the skills and tools they need to build a web application. I'm also organizing other activities and workshops to promote coding on campus as well as trips to hackathons at other schools. I'd previously organized Tech Talks and a Puzzle Hunt.

I've also taken some really awesome classes:

  • CIS 121: Data Structures and Algorithms
  • STAT 430: Probability
  • CIS 160: Intro to Math for CS
  • CIS 120: Intro to Programming (OCaml and Java)
  • MGMT 100: Leadership and Communication in Groups

I was on the Technology, Media, Telecommunications(TMT) Team on the Wharton Investment and Trading Group (WITG). I still avidly follow and research numerous companies in Tech to discuss and pitch investing ideas with my group of peers.

Teaching Assistant
I'm also a Teaching Assistant for CIS 160 (Intro to Math for CS) at Penn and have been since Freshman year. I enjoy the process of rigorously proving mathematical statements and exploring the depths of discrete math almost as much as I do teaching the wonders of proofs to the uninitiated.

I'm taking even more awesome classes:

  • NETS 212: Scalable and Cloud Computing
  • CIS 262: Automata, Computability, and Complexity
  • FNCE 100: Intro to Finance
  • MGMT 101: Intro to Management
  • CIS 194: Haskell Programming
nCrypt- The Technology Club of DPS Sushant Lok I founded my High School's Tech Club, nCrypt and we went on to host two major city-wide events.

High School
I founded my High School Technology club, nCrypt in 10th grade and took it from a couple friends and I, to hosting a major technology symposium comprising 8 competitions for 20 high schools on a single day using funds raised from corporate sponsors (Senior Year). I did all the design work, made regular promotional videos (till I graduated) and went to other schools to compete in their competitions and learn from their events to make ours better. I was also Head Boy (President of Student Council) and co-founded the Debate Club in High School.

Get in touch with me

You can reach me via email at Links to my Social Networks are in the navbar. I tend to use the handle @pvrnav.