Heterogeneity, Diversity and Resilience
in Multi-Robot Systems

August 15-16, 2016
Westin Arlington, VA


Presentations: 20 minutes with 5 additional minutes for Q&A and setup of next speaker.
Discussions: 15 minutes.
Panels: 30 minutes.


Technical Sessions: F. Scott Fitzgerald C
Breakfast / Coffee / Lunch: Pre-function space.
Monday Dinner: Kapnos Taverna

Day 1 August 15th

Registration & Breakfast

Introduction (Vijay Kumar)

Group 1: Resilient Autonomy

Gaurav Sukhatme – Resilient autonomous robot teams in dynamic environments
Mark Campbell – Distributed Sensor Fusion and its Impact on Resilient Autonomy
Alejandro Ribeiro – Online Learning for Characterizing Unknown Environments in Robotic Vehicle Models
Geoffrey A. Hollinger – Information Gathering with Multi-Robot Teams: Towards Resilient Shared Autonomy with Humans
Discussion – Chair: Vijay Kumar


Group 2: Security and Privacy

Xenofon Koutsoukos – Resilience in Networked Dynamic Systems using Trusted Nodes
George Pappas – Security and Privacy of (Multi)-Robot Systems
Amanda Prorok – Quantifying Privacy for Tightly Coupled Heterogeneous Robot Swarms
Discussion – Chair: Dylan Shell

Panel: New Research Directions

J. C. Ledé (DARPA), Jonathan Pfautz (DARPA), and Brett Piekarski (ARL)

Lunch (Westin)

Group 3: Collaboration & Coordination in Heterogeneous Teams

Dylan Shell – On the interplay of explicit and implicit coordination in multi-robot systems
Pratap Tokekar – Algorithms for Heterogeneous Robotic Data Collection
Lynne Parker – Collaboration in communications-constrained heterogeneous teams
Rafael Fierro – Exploiting Heterogeneity in Robotic Networks
Volkan Isler – Heterogeneity and Sensor Planning
Discussion – Chair: Magnus Egerstedt


Group 4: Resilient Control

Calin Belta – Resilient Formal Synthesis
Seth Hutchinson – Robust Distributed Control Policies for Multi-Robot Systems
Shreyas Sundaram – Scalable algorithms for resilient distributed coordination in large-scale networks
Sanjit Seshia – Diversity and Resilience through Control Improvisation
Discussion – Chair: Mark Campbell

Dinner (Kapnos Taverna)

Day 2 August 16th


Group 5: Multi-Robot Planning & Control

Maxim Likhachev – Search-based Planning by Decomposition for Teams of Heterogeneous Robots
Stefano Carpin – Risk aware multi-robot planning
Marco Pavone – Models, Algorithms, and Evaluation for Autonomous Mobility-On-Demand Systems
Spring Berman – A Control and Estimation Framework for Heterogeneous Robotic Swarms with Stochastic Behaviors


Magnus Egerstedt – Encoding Heterogeneity Through Constraints In Multi-Robot Teams
Nora Ayanian – Using Online Games to Inspire Distributed Multi-robot Controllers
Ronald Arkin – The Value of Slowness in Robotic Systems
Discussion – Chair: Seth Hutchinson

Panel: New Research Directions

Tim Chung (DARPA), Stuart Young (ARL), and Lynne Parker (NSF)

Closing Remarks (Brian Sadler)