Welcome to Pedro's page. Since the first week of MCIT I promised that this page would have something interesting...
Sadly, it never happened.

Now, Swap asked us to do a website and this would be the perfect opportunity to make a nice useful one.
But, also sadly, Machine Learning homework is killing me. So as much as I wish I could sink time in making something cool, I sadly can't.
One day, though, this page will hold something valuable. Until then, instead of a boring message, I decided to leave two nice things in it.

The first thing is the best version of Sultan of Swings I've ever seen. Click here if the video don't work.

The second thing is the photo of Palmeiras team that won the 1999 Libertadores's championship.
My hope is that when I get back to this page in the future, Palmeiras will be in a much better situation than today (we're at the relegation zone).


Come back in the future. Maybe something nice will be here. Probably not.