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Board of Advisors

Faculty Advisors

Joseph Sun - Mr. Sun is the Director for Academic Affairs at the School of Engineering and Applied Science. He helped develop and incubate the Puente program under the auspices of the engineering school. Mr. Sun is responsible for helping organize the first Puente effort in Quito, Ecuador.

Srilata Gangulee - Dr. Gangulee is the Assistant Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences. She played an instrumental role in the development of the Pune center, its model and the categorization of its target audience. Additionally, Dr. Gangulee's strong ties with the Indian community helped Puente secure support for its groundbreaking efforts in Pune.

Surendra Gambhir - Dr. Gambhir is the Director of Penn-In-India, Penn's study abroad program held each summer at the University of Pune. Strong integration with Penn-In-India has helped Puente establish a long-term and sustainable relationship with the Sukhroop Foundation.

Jorge J. Santiago-Aviles - Dr. Santiago is an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering in the School of Engineering and Applied Science. He serves as our faculty advisor for our Puente 2001 initiative in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Shorab Rabii - Dr. Rabii is a Professor of Electrical Engineering in the School of Engineering and Applied Science. Dr. Rabii serves as the primary advisor for the engineering school's other global technology service initiative in Mali, West Africa.

Other Advisors

Rajendra Pachauri - Dr. Pachauri is the director for the Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI) and serves as an advisor to Puente's activities.

Dennis Mehta - Mr. Mehta is a Philadelphia based Venture Capitalist who was the primary donor and platinum sponsor for Puente's Pune initiative.

Edison Freire - Mr. Freire is Director of the Urban Technology Project and a Learn and Serve Bilingual Master Teacher in the school district of Philadelphia. Mr. Freire orchestrated the very first Puente project in Quito, Ecuador.

Alumni of Puente Advisors

Vikram Bajaj - Vikram graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in May 2000 and is now pursuing his Ph.D at MIT in Physical Chemistry. Vikram brings to our team an array of technical skills including network security, UNIX/LINUX administration and deployment of production systems.



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