XinshuLend (May-June 2016)

Blockchain P2P Lending Platform
Advised by CEO Jin Xu at Xinshu Credit
Developed a smart contract in Solidity for peer-to-peer lending for China's consumer financial system and implemented it onto the Ethereum blockchain. Created simple platform in Javascript for peers to lend ether to project campaigns along with ‘credit score’ system.

Sweet Heart (January 22-24, 2016)

sweetheart pic 

Created at PennApps XIII
Developed smart Android app with voice recognition and natural language processing that allows parents to see real-time status of their children's diabetes and remind the child of daily tasks.

  • Built native Android app that implemented Houndify for voice recognition/NLP and Johnson & Johnson OTR APIs for blood glucose visualization. Data stored in the backend using Parse and conducted exploratory analysis in Matlab.

Check out the devpost for more information.

Watch Me Robot (September 4-6, 2015)

pebble pic 

Created at PennApps XII
Built extensible interface between Pebble and ROS, which allows users to control any ROS-enabled robot, specifically quadrotors, with a Pebble watch app. Check out the devpost for more information.

  • Using a C Pebble app embedded with a Javascript web client, commands are sent to a ROS-integrated Python web server using websockets. These commands are interpreted by the Python node to invoke the appropriate C functions to control the robot.

Check out the devpost for more information. Recorded video of app successfully tested with quadrotor at GRASP Lab and code available on Github.

Gunn High School Energy Dashboard (2012 - 2014)

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Flagship Project for Green Energy Innovation Club
Created web-based dashboard that displays real-time and historical energy consumption data of my high school's new buildings. Consumption was broken down into HVAC, lighting, and plug loads, and data was shown as current demand readings (every 15 minutes), line trend graphs (daily, weekly, monthly), histograms (usage and percent change), and pie charts (usage and cost breakdown). Energy meters were sponsored by Schneider Electric and project funded by City of Palo Alto Utilities grant.

  • Used EXPECT, C-shell, and Perl scripts for automatically ftp and downloading log files from meters, parsing data, and syncing files to Google Drive from school to home network. Designed dashboard using HTML & CSS and JQuery.

Here is the link to the energy dashboard and code available on Github.

Intelligent Gymnasium Design Using Bentley Systems (2013 - 2014)

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Won First Place of SMART Competition
Using AECOsim Building Designer and Energy Simulator, I created the most energy and cost efficient design for a school gymnasium through energy audits, building modifications, and data analysis.

  • First, ran a baseline energy audit for energy breakdown, setpoints, and economics. Next, ran simulations to determine best materials for floor, walls, and roof, most efficient HVAC system, best buiding orientation, and most effective roof and shading. Finally, implemented smart grid, chilled air beam conditioning, and solar panel energy generation.

Here is a video of our presentation at the Bentley LEARNing Conference in Phoenix and interviews regarding experience, impact, and learning. Here is the final report submitted.