Department of Electrical & Systems Engineering
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Phone: (215) 898-8294



BSEE: University of Southern California
MSEE: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
PhD EE: Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Research Interests

High Pressure Phases of Alkali-Graphite Intercalation Compounds
The structural parameters of new high pressure phases of lithium intercalated graphite are studied by total energy calculations using ab initio pseudopotentials, using local density functional formalism. The wavefunctions are used to obtain the momentum densities and directional Compton profile for the electrons in order to test the quality of the result by comparing them to measurements of inelstic scattering of photons from these compounds

Electron Momentum Densities in Doped and Undoped Fullerines
Compton profiles are being calculated for C60, K3C60, and K4C60 using wavefunctions obtained from pseudopotential, local density functional calculations for this materials. The results are used to explain the discrepancies between the predictions of the LDA calclations and experimntal results.


Study of Equation of States for RbxC60 (x=3,4 and 6)
. ab initio electronic structure calculations are carried out for these compounds as a fucntion of pressure and the resulting electon momentum densites are compared with directional Compton profiles measures as a function of tempreature and pressure.

Electronic Structure of MO2 (M = Co, Ni)
These compounds have applications as electrodes in secondary batteries. We are calculating the electronci stuructue of these material using plavewave pseudopotential calculatiions within the local density functional approximation. The results are compared with measurements of inelastic phton scattering from these compounds.

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