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Ramakrishnan Natesan

Post Doctoral Researcher

Department of Bioengineering

University of Pennsylvania

Department of Bioengineering

210 S. 33rd Street, 240 Skirkanich Hall

Philadelphia, PA-19104

Phone : +1 (215)-898-0592

Fax : +1 (215)-573-2071

Office :  311 Hayden Hall

My research interest is in the area of soft condensed matter and biological physics.  I am primarily a computational physicist applying concepts from physical sciences into problems inaccessible to theoretical treatments and also not well understood by experiments.  My expertise is in the area of biological membranes where I have used a wide range of models and techniques to understand the mechanisms shaping a biological membranes into the variety of morphologies seen in cellular systems. More information on my research and publications page.

I am currently a post doctoral fellow  working with  Dr. Ravi Radhakrishnan in the Department of Bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania. I obtained my Ph. D. in physics under the supervision of  Prof. P. B. Sunil Kumar  from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras.