Radoslav Ivanov Penn


Yours faithfully


I received a B.A. in Computer Science and Mathematical Economics from Colgate University in 2011.

I am currently pursuing a PhD degree at the University of Pennsylvania under the supervision of Professor Insup Lee.

Research Interests

My research is broadly in the area of information fusion. More specifically, I am interested in how to combine information from different sensors and other measuring devices in order to perform robust state estimation, filtering, etc. In addition, I am part of the HACMS project aiming to design attack-resilient control systems.

My second area of research is in the medical device domain. I am interested in combining and analyzing medical device data in real time and building real-time detectors of critical events in ICUs and operating rooms. For this thread of research, I am part of the MDCPS project whose goal is to ensure the interoperability of Medical Device Cyber Physical Systems and close the loop in medical settings by providing real-time detection and control.



Mail:3330 Walnut Street
Levine Hall 302
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Office:Levine Hall 613