CIS 160

Name: Alex Roederer
Rating: E for Everyone!
Office: Levine 514 (knock if it's locked)
Office Hours: MONDAYS, Noon-1PM, Levine Fifth Floor Lounge (The lounge just outside the elevators)
If you cannot attend and would like to schedule another time, send me an email!

This webpage's design is deliberately terrible for maximum irony.

September 16th: Some words about LaTeX
Compiling with LaTeX
Fixing the /input errors
Notes on proof trees

September 24th: A menagerie of subjects, including
Some Proof Practice Problems
Notes on the new Deduction Rules
Some stuff about Constructivism and Why Negation is Weird

October 1st: Logic rule descriptions!(Incomplete...)

October 5th: Class Notes

October 29th: SPOOKY First Order Logic!
SPOOKY Peano Arithmetic!

November 1st: Some clarification on the ∀-introduction rule

November 19th: Functions, Relations, Etcetera, Etcetera, Etcetera

November 28th: Project Help

December 10th: Review Time (GIF level has reached critical mass!)

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