Hello World! my name is Scottie Biddle

Stuff about me

  • I'm a Junior at Penn
  • I am the Webmaster of Penn Running Club
  • Also of Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity
  • I worked for a Web Development, Design, and Marketing firm over the summer
  • making web pages is kind of my thing...
  • I just ate a ham sandwich
  • The above statement is probably correct regardless of the time that you are reading this
  • Yesterday I stumbled upon bootstrap from twitter, which is providing the CSS for this site, because i want to try it out for my other sites.(All the HTML is mine though, so I'm not breaking the rules.)
  • Here's a picture of Chewbacca fighting Nazis on a squirrel.

This is Scottie Biddle's Website for EAS 105

This is a picture of scottie looking juuuust a little scary

"Who needs a relationship when you can have a sandwich?"

Scottie, in a nutshell

"Help me! I'm trapped in this nutshell!"

Scottie, in a nutshell (separate occasion)