J. Stephen Judd

Research Scientist
Administrative Director of the Warren Center for Network and Data Sciences
Project Manager in the Networked and Social Systems Engineering (NETS) Program
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office:  Levine 361
phone:  (215) 898-9266
eMail:  sjudd(at)seas.upenn.edu
postal address:
Department of Computer and Information Science
Levine Hall, 3330 Walnut Street
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6389
dept. tel:  (215) 898-8560     fax:  (215) 898-0587

Research Interests:
Network Science, Behavioural GameTheory, Behavioural Economics
Constraint Satisfaction Problems & Dynamic Programming
Refereed publications in Economics, Network Science, Learning Systems, Neural Nets,
robot vision, complexity theory, number theory, network science
One recent paper: Behavioral Dynamics and Influence in Networked Coloring and Consensus
Industrial R&D Experience:
Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton, NJ
SED Systems, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Manitoba Telephone System, Winnipeg
Teaching Experience:
Electrical and Systems Engineering, U Penn
Computer Science, CalTech
Computational Science, U. Saskatchewan
Statistics, National University of Lesotho
Penn Courses Taught:
ESE 115 Introduction to Programming (Java)
ESE 220 Data Structures and Algorithms
ESE 116 C and Assembler for Hardware Systems
ESE 504 Introduction to Optimization
ENGM 503 Introduction to Probability
Ph.D., U. Massachusetts, Amherst
M.Sc., U. Manitoba, Winnipeg
B.Sc., U. Manitoba, Winnipeg