Shreya Sriram Shreya Sriram
Department of Computer and Information Science
University of Pennsylvania
4525 Walnut St. Apt 303
Philadelphia, PA-19139
E-mail: sriramsh (at) cis (dot) upenn (dot) edu


I am a Final Year Graduate Student pursuing Masters in Computer & Information Science at University of Pennsylvania.

My areas of interest include Algorithms, Databases and Software Development.

I believe in the philosophy that life is short and we must maximize our utility by investing our time in the work we are truly passionate about.


University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Duration: August '15 - May '17

Master of Science in Engineering (Computer & Information Science)

Relevant Coursework: Software Engineering, Machine Learning, Computer Animation, Computational Linear Algebra, Databases & Information Systems, Internet & Web Systems, Analysis of Algorithms, Software Foundations, Big Data Analytics*, Modern Data Mining*

Delhi Technological University, Delhi, India

Duration: August '11 - July '15

Bachelor of Technology (Mathematics & Computing)

Relevant Coursework: Algorithm Design & Analysis, Data Structures, Object Oriented Programming, Operating Systems, Database Management Systems, Stochastic Processes, Financial Engineering, Optimization Techniques


Languages/Tools: C++; Java; MATLAB; Python; R; SQL; XSLT; XML(XSD) Schema

Technologies: AWS; Android Studio; Eclipse; Git; Jira; SQL Developer; Visual Studio



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