Term Rewriting Workshop June 11-14, 1990

Date:     Thu, 25 Jan 90 18:36:29 EST

                           (CTRS '90)
               June 11-14, 1990, Montreal, Canada

                    -- FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT --

                           Sponsored by
           Centre de Recherche Informatique a Montreal
                      Concordia University

In recent years, extensions of rewriting techniques that go
beyond the traditional untyped algebraic rewriting framework have
been investigated and developed.  Among these extensions,
conditional and typed systems are particularly important, as are
higher-order systems, graph rewriting systems, etc. 

To further research in these and related areas, the Second
International Workshop will be held next summer.  Topics will
include the theory of conditional rewriting and its application
to programming languages,  specification languages, automated
deduction, as well as typed rewriting, higher-order rewriting,
graph rewriting, combinator based languages, and their
application to parallel architectures, parallel computation
models, and compilation techniques.  (This list is not meant to
be exhaustive.)  Sessions for formal presentations of papers, for
system demonstrations, and for informal discussion are scheduled.
Speakers for keynote lectures to introduce discussion sessions include
V. Breazu-Tannen & J. Gallier, H. Ganzinger, J. Hsiang, J. W. Klop, 
J. Meseguer, and J. L. Remy.

We are soliciting research papers for the presentation sessions
and system description papers for the demonstration sessions. 
Ongoing work is also welcome.  An extended abstract (of around 
5 pages) or a draft paper should be submitted by February 23,
1990 (or earlier). In parallel, an e-mailed abstract of no more 
than 25 lines may be sent to 'ctrs90@concour.cs.concordia.ca'.  
Notice of acceptance will be sent within one month of our receipt
of the submission.  Springer has expressed their intention to 
continue publication of the CTRS Workshop proceedings in 
the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series.  The proceedings 
of the first workshop (on "Conditional Term Rewriting Systems")
are available as volume 308 of the same series.  (The related 
"Rewriting Techniques and Applications" conference proceedings 
are in vols. 202, 256, and 355.)

Program Committee:

R. V. Book               (University of California - Santa Barbara, USA)
N. Dershowitz (*)        (University of Illinois, USA)
K. Futatsugi             (Electrotechnical Lab (ETL), Japan)
H. Ganzinger             (Universitaet Dortmund, West Germany)
J. P. Jouannaud (*)      (Universite de Paris-Sud, France)
S. Kaplan (*)            (Hebrew University, Israel)
J. W. Klop               (Mathematisch Centrum, Netherlands)
J. Meseguer              (SRI-International, USA)
M. Okada (*)(**)         (Concordia University, Canada)
D. Plaisted              (University of North Carolina, USA)
J. L. Remy               (Universite de Nancy, France)

(*)  Co-organizers
(**) Chairperson

For further information or proposals, as well as for paper
submissions, please use the following address:

CTRS '90
Dr. Mitsuhiro Okada
Department of Computer Science
Concordia University
1455 de Maisonneuve Ouest
Montreal, Quebec  H3G 1M8