Date: Wed, 4 Jul 90 17:53:33 +0200

      	          Second International Conference on



	 	Nancy (France), October 1st-3rd, 1990

                Organized by CRIN and INRIA-Lorraine

            Sponsored by CNRS, INRIA and Nancy Universities


                with the financial support from:

		Conseil Regional de Lorraine
		Conseil General de Meurthe et Moselle
		District de l'Agglomeration Nanceienne
		Universite de Nancy I
		Universite de Nancy II
		Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine
		Universite de Wu"rzburg
		Mairie de Nancy



Following the intention of the first conference on Algebraic and Logic
Programming, held in Gaussig in 1988, the Program Committee has selected
23 papers from 59 submissions, in order to emphasize the connections 
between algebraic approaches and logic programming. 
We hope that these three days will give the opportunity to fruitful 
exchanges between participants.

			Monday October 1st, 1990

10:00 Opening

Invited talk: Chair: W.Wechler

10:15 Proving second order formulae with term rewriting
      J. Goguen (U.Oxford, UK)

11:15 Discussion

Session 1: Chair: H-D. Ehrich

11:30 Proving correctness w.r.t. specifications with hidden parts
      J. Farre`s-Casals (U.Edinburgh, UK)

12:00 Hybrid implementations of algebraic specifications
      H.R. Walters (U.Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

12:30 Lunch

Session 2: Chair: J.Goguen

2:30  Multi-modal logic programming using equational and order-sorted logic
      F. Debart, P. Enjalbert, M. Lescot (U.Caen, France)

3:00  Logic programs with equational type specifications
      M. Hanus (U.Dortmund, FRG)

3:30  Higher-order order-sorted algebra
      Z. Qian (U.Bremen, FRG)

4:00  Axiomatization of a functional logic language
      F. Bronsard, U.S. Reddy (U.Illinois, USA)


			Tuesday October 2nd, 1990

Invited talk: Chair: P.Lescanne

9:00  Fourier revisited
      J-L. Lassez (IBM Yorktown, USA)

10:00 Discussion

10:15 Coffee Break

Session 3: Chair: A. Tarlecki

10:30 Fixpoint techniques for non-monotone maps
      A. Batarekh (U.Concordia, Canada)

11:00 Domain theory for nonmonotonic functions
      Y. Zhou, R. Muller (U.Harward, USA)

11:30 On the strong completion of logic programs
      M. Phanminhdung (A.I.T.Bangkok, Thailand)

12:00 An equivalence preserving first order unfold/fold transformation system
      T. Sato  (E.L.Ibaraki, Japan)

12:30 Lunch

Session 4: Chair: H. Comon

2:30  Propositional calculus problems in CHIP
      H. Simonis, M. Dincbas (E.C.R.C. M\"{u}nchen, FRG)

3:00  Unfolding and fixpoint semantics of concurrent constraint 
      logic programming 
      M. Gabbrielli, G. Levi (U.Pisa, Italy)

3:30  Eliminating negation from normal logic programs
      K. Kanchanasut, P. Stuckey (U.Melbourne, Australia)
4:00  Coffee break

Session 5: Chair: J-L.Lassez

4:30  On logic programming interpretations of Dislog: Programming 
      discontinuities in logic
      P. Saint-Dizier (U.Toulouse, France)

5:00  Recursive query processing in predicate-goal graph
      Jia Liang Han  (U.C.S.Queensland, Australia)

5:30  Panel discussion


			Wednesday October 3rd,1990

Invited talk: Chair: G.Smolka

9:00  Implementation of completion by transition rules + control: ORME 
      P. Lescanne (CRIN-INRIA-Lorraine, France)

10:00 Discussion

10:15 Coffee break

Session 6: Chair: H. Hussmann

10:30 Matching modulo axioms of categories with product. Application to
      program transformation
      F. Bellegarde (O.G.I.S.T.Beaverton, USA)

11:00 Equation solving in conditional AC-theories
      N. Dershowitz (U.Illinois, USA), S. Mitra, G. Sivakumar (U.Delaware, USA)

11:30 Lazy Narrowing in a graph machine
      J.J. Moreno-Navarro (U.P.Madrid, Spain), H. Kuchen, R. Loogen
      (U.Aachen, FRG), M. Rodriguez-Artalejo (U.C.Madrid, Spain)

12:00 An abstract machine for concurrent term rewriting
      N. Dershowitz (U.Urbana, USA), N. Lindenstrauss (Hebrew U., Isra\"{e}l)

12:30 Lunch

Session 7: Chair: G. Kucherov

2:30  Applying term rewriting methods to finite groups
      R. Bu"ndgen  (U.T\"{u}bingen, FRG)

3:00  Termination proofs by multiset path orderings imply primitive recursive 
      derivation lengths
      D. Hofbauer (T.U.Berlin, FRG)

3:30  Optimization of rewriting and complexity of rewriting
      Ke Li (U.New York, USA)

4:00  AC-Termination of rewrite systems: a modified Knuth-Bendix ordering
      J. Steinbach (U.Kaiserslautern, FRG)

4:30  Closure



In addition to technical sessions, we offer the possibility to demonstrate
and experiment systems. CLP, OBJ, ORME and REVE are available on 
SUN-workstations. Participants willing to give a demonstration must

                       BEFORE  SEPTEMBER 1st, 1990

CRIN & INRIA-Lorraine
Campus Scientifique
BP 239
54506 Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy Cedex
Phone: (33) 83 59 30 13
E-mail: hermann@loria.crin.fr



Jan Bergstra (Amsterdam)              
Hubert Comon (Orsay)                  
Hans-Dieter Ehrich (Braunschweig)       
Heinrich Hussmann (Munich)          
Helene Kirchner (Nancy), Co-chair      
Gregory Kucherov (Novosibirsk) 
Gert Smolka (Saarbru"cken) 
Magnus Steinby (Turku) 
Andrzej Tarlecki (Warsaw) 
Wolfgang Wechler (Braunschweig), Co-chair 
Jia-Huai You (Edmonton)


Christiane Guyot
Miki Hermann
Helene Kirchner



LOCATION: Nancy is located in the North-East of France, 350 kilometers
>from Paris and about 100 kilometers from the Vosges.
The easiest way to reach Nancy is to fly to Paris and go by train (2h30)
>from Gare de l'Est to Nancy. 
The conference will take place on the Science University Campus,
in the INRIA-Lorraine building. The campus can be reached from downtown
by bus no 4, 6 or 26.

LOCALE: Historical capital of Lorraine, world-famous for its superb
Place Stanilas and for the work of the artists of the "Ecole de Nancy",
Nancy has a thousand different facets to attract and interest the visitor.
With its 100.000 inhabitants (300.000 including vicinities), the 
town is at the very heart of an important industrial region and has a
university that enjoys international renown.

CLIMATE: The climate of this region is temperate. This is why, even in
Autumn, the weather is often sunny and mild.

CONFERENCE EVENTS: Registration desk will be open at INRIA-Lorraine on
Sunday September 30th, from 6:00 to 8:00 PM and on Monday October 1st,
>from 8:30 to 10:00 AM.  

A walking tour in the old Nancy and a visit of the Museum of Ecole de Nancy 
is planned on Sunday afternoon. Participants are invited to meet in 
front of the Musee des Beaux Arts, Place Stanislas, at 2:00 PM.

In addition to the technical program, invited conferences and exhibits,
there will be an official reception in the City Hall on Monday evening 
and a banquet on Tuesday night.

REGISTRATION FEE: The regular registration fee amounts to 950FF and covers
one copy of the proceedings, attendance of the sessions, lunches, coffee
breaks, Monday evening reception and Tuesday night banquet. The student 
registration fee amounts to 750FF and includes the same things except 
the banquet. Additional banquet tickets can be purchased at the cost of

HOTELS: Three categories of rooms are available.
Prices for one night are as folllows:

Category *** single:       380 FF
             twin:         420 FF
Category **  single:       240 FF
             twin:         274 FF
Category * (dormitories): 3 to 6 persons per room, in an itinerant tourist
rest center, near the campus: 37 FF 
A one-night fee deposit is required for the reservation.

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Name : ______________________________________________________________
Affiliation: ________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________
Phone: ______________________________________________________________
E-mail: _____________________________________________________________

In order to facilitate your arrival in Nancy, a map and some information 
will be sent to you with the registration receipt.
Please circle the appropriate answer:

I will arrive by :       car     train      plane

Expected date and time of arrival:___________________________________

Please circle appropriate fees:

Regular registration: 		 950 FF
Student registration:            750 FF
Additional banquet ticket: ___ x 200 FF

TOTAL enclosed:                 _____FF

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Name : ______________________________________________________________
Affiliation: ________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________
Phone: ______________________________________________________________
E-mail: _____________________________________________________________
Arrival date:________________________________________________________
Departure date:______________________________________________________
Number of persons: __________________________________________________
Deposit enclosed:____________________________________________________
Please reserve:

____ single room in category ______
____ twin room in category ________ with M. _________________________
____ dormitory room with MM. _________________________________________



Send the registration form and the hotel reservation form 


Christiane GUYOT
CRIN & INRIA-Lorraine
Campus Scientifique
Technopole de Nancy-Brabois
615, rue du Jardin Botanique
BP 101
54600 Villers-les-Nancy

Payments will be accepted only in FRENCH FRANCS to the order of ALP 90.
Registration without payments will not be taken into account.
After September 1st, the hotel reservation will have to be done by the 
participants directly.

For more information, contact:

For the conference:
Phone: (33) 83 59 30 12
E-mail: hkirchne@loria.crin.fr

For the accomodation:
Christiane GUYOT
Phone: (33) 83 59 30 09
E-mail: cguyot@loria.crin.fr 
Fax: (33) 83 27 83 19

For system demonstration:
Phone: (33) 83 59 30 13
E-mail: hermann@loria.crin.fr