Summerschool on Lambda Calculus, Jul 8-12, 91

Date: Fri, 21 Dec 90 18:39:19 +0100


The Research Institute for Declarative Systems, Nijmegen University,
organises a 

                      S U M M E R S C H O O L       
                   L A M B D A   C A L C U L U S

Dates:  July 8-12, 1991
Place:  Nijmegen University, The Netherlands

One week before the Logic in Computer Science meeting (Amsterdam, July 15-17,
1991) there will be a summerschool on lambda calculus (typed and untyped)
held in Nijmegen.

There will be three courses.

1.  Introduction to lambda calculus.
		Syntax of terms, conversion, fixed points, reduction, 
		Church-Rosser theorem, representation of recursive functions, 
		Boehm trees, simple lambda models, types.
2.  Advanced lambda calculus.
		The theory of constructions and its fine structure, 
		logics as type systems, proofs of strong normalisation, 
		logically inconsistent systems.
3.  Categorical semantics.
		Adjunctions, cartesian closed categories, indexed categories, 
		unified framework for models of lambda calculus (type-free, 
		simply typed and polymorphically typed).
Courses 1 and 2 are given in parallel so it is not possible to attend
them both. Each course will be accompanied by a series of problem

Registration costs are US$ 50. Assistance for finding hotels will be
provided. Daily living costs are about US$ 100.

The number of possible participants is limited. Those who want to register
or are interested to receive further information are kindly requested
to reply by March 1st, either by email to 


or by ordinary mail to

        Henk Barendregt
        Summerschool '91

        Toernooiveld 1
        6525 ED  Nijmegen
        The Netherlands