FSTTCS 97 Call for Papers (ASCII)

                           CALL FOR PAPERS

                    Seventeenth Conference on the


              December 18-20, 1997, IIT Kharagpur, India

The FST&TCS conference is a forum for presenting original research
results in foundational aspects of Computer Science and Software
Technology.  The conference proceedings are brought out by
Springer-Verlag in the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Authors are invited to submit papers presenting original and
unpublished research in the following or related areas.

    Algorithms (including Parallel, Distributed,
                Probabilistic and Randomized Algorithms)
    Computational Geometry
    Complexity Theory
    Learning Theory
    Programming Languages (Semantics and Type Theory)
    Distributed, Concurrent, Real-time and Hybrid Systems
    Database systems 
    Automated Reasoning and Applications
       (Rewrite Systems, Constructive Mathematics, 
        Program verification, Symbolic Computation)
    Programming Logics
       (Temporal, Modal Logics and Linear Logics)
    Programming Paradigms
       (Logic, Functional and Object-oriented languages)
    Software Specification, Construction and Verification

Submissions on practical applications in these areas such as case
studies, system design and software tools are also encouraged.


Authors are invited to submit by e-mail to "fsttcs@cse.iitb.ernet.in"
the postscript version (compressed and uuencoded) of the paper,
complemented by a hard copy sent to the Program Committee co-chairs at
the following address.

    S. Ramesh and G. Sivakumar
    Attn: FST&TCS
    Department of Computer Science 
    Indian Institute of Technology
    Powai, Mumbai 400 076,India

    Email: fsttcs@cse.iitb.ernet.in
    Phone: +91 22 5782545
    Fax  : +91 22 5783441

A separate e-mail message with author(s), title and abstract (ascii)
should also be sent.  If e-mail submission is not possible, SIX copies
of the paper may be sent by post to the Program Committee co-chairs.

Papers should be limited to 4500 words (about 12 pages).  Authors 
may include, if necessary, a clearly marked appendix which will
be read at the discretion of the referees.  


    Deadline for Submission:                        15 May 1997
    Notification to Authors:                      1 August 1997
    Final Version of Accepted Papers due on:   8 September 1997




    Manindra Agrawal (IIT Kanpur)
    Ralph Back (Abo Akademi, Finland)
    John Case (U. Delaware)
    Vijay Chandru (IISc Bangalore)
    Joxan Jaffar (NUS, Singapore) 
    Nachum Dershowitz (UIUC, Illinois)
    Tamal K. Dey (IIT Kharagpur) 
    Anna Gal (Princeton)
    Asish Mukhopadhyay (IIT Kanpur)
    Madhavan Mukund (SMI Madras) 
    Ketan Mulmuley (IIT Bombay/U.Chicago)  
    C. Pandurangan (IIT Madras)
    P. K. Pandya (TIFR Bombay)
    A. K. Pujari (U. Hyd., Hyderabad)   
    Vijaya Ramachandran (U. Texas)
    Krithi Ramamritham (U. Mass.)
    Venkatesh Raman (IMSc Madras)        
    S. Ramesh (IIT Bombay) (CO-CHAIR)        
    Bala Ravikumar (U. Rhode Island) 
    Willem-Paul de Roever (Kiel University)
    Sandeep Sen (IIT Delhi)
    R. K. Shyamasundar (TIFR Bombay)
    G. Sivakumar (IIT Bombay) (CO-CHAIR)  
    Ashok Subramanian (IISc Bangalore)


    S. C. De Sarkar (IIT Kharagpur)  (CHAIR)
    T. K. Dey (IIT Kharagpur)  (CONVENER)
    P. P. Chakrabarti (IIT Kharagpur) (TREASURER) 
    A. Bagchi (IIM Calcutta)
    M. K. Chakraborty (Calcutta Univ.)
    P. P. Das (IIT Kharagpur)
    P. Dasgupta (IIT Kharagpur)
    G. L. Datta (IIT Kharagpur)
    A. Pal (IIT Kharagpur)
    S. P. Pal (IIT Kharagpur)
    D. Sarkar (IIT Kharagpur)
    B. P. Sinha (ISI Calcutta)


    Madhavan Mukund, SPIC Mathematical Institute
    92 G N Chetty Road, Chennai 600 017, India
    E-mail: fsttcs@ssf.ernet.in