The following workshop deals with expressiveness in formalisms
for concurrency. It may be of interest to the parts of the type theory
community dealing with formalisms and type systems for concurrent
systems. Issues like relative expressiveness of various notations
and inference systems would lie well within the scope.

                  * E X P R E S S   9 7 *
       Preliminary Call for Papers for the 4th Workshop on


      8-12 September 1997, Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy

           Deadline for submissions: 2 MAY 1997

 See also:

        * http://www.sics.se/~joachim/Express97.html *


This meeting aims at a general understanding of the interconnections
and relations between formal systems, ranging from programming
languages for concurrency to logics. More specifically, we consider
methods to compare concurrent programming concepts, such as imperative
programming, logic programming, functional programming, concurrent
programming, object-oriented programming, dataflow, and the various
combinations thereof, on the basis of their relative expressive
power. We also consider associated mathematical formalisms such as
process algebras, Petri nets, modal logics, rewrite systems etc. from
this point of view.

The meeting is mainly intended for active researchers to get together
and discuss their latest results and methods. It is also the final
meeting of the HCM project EXPRESS, which has been active with this
focus since 1994.


Catuscia Palamidessi, University of Genova, Italy
email: catuscia@disi.unige.it

Joachim Parrow, Royal Inst. of Technology, Sweden
email: joachim@it.kth.se

INVITED SPEAKERS (list not yet final. The following have accepted):

   Ralph BACK
    Amir PNUELI
 Vaughan PRATT

Many speakers from the EXPRESS sites will also attend. The URL
above has a tentative list of participants from the project.


We seek research or expository papers on at most 15 pages (12pt font)
submitted electronically (postscript format) no later than

   ** 2 MAY 1997 **

Notification of acceptance is 15 June and deadline for final versions
is 31 August.  Information about the submission procedure will be
available soon at 


For additional information send email to


The proceedings will appear as a volume in the Electronic Notes of
Theoretical Computer Science. We are currently investigating the
possibility of having a special issue of selected papers to appear in
a well-established computer science journal.


Luca Aceto, University of Aalborg, DK 
Jan Bergstra, University of Amsterdam, NL
Eike Best, University of Oldenburg, DE
Frank de Boer, University of Utrecth, NL
Ilaria Castellani, INRIA Sohia-Antipolis, FR
Philippe Darondeau, INRIA Rennes, FR
Rocco De Nicola, University of Florence, IT
Ursula Goltz, University of Hildesheim, DE
Jan Willem Klop, CWI, NL 
Catuscia Palamidessi (Co-chair), University of Genova, IT
Joachim Parrow (Co-chair), Royal Inst. of Technology, SE
Frits Vaandrager, University of Nijmegen, NL


The conference will take place at Hotel Regina Elena in Santa
Margherita Ligure. This is a 4 stars hotel with private beach and
conference facilities, which will also provide accommodation for most
of the participants. Santa Margherita Ligure is a beautiful sea resort
in Liguria, on the Riviera di Levante. It is very close to Portofino
promontory and about 30 km east of Genova. The nearest international
airport is in Genova with direct connections to Zurich, Paris, London,
Munich and other European towns. Between Santa Margherita Ligure and
Genova there are good train connections.