BRICS International PhD School: Call for Applications

     BRICS International PhD School in Computer Science
     University of Aarhus, Denmark

     Announcement and Call for Applications

An international PhD School in  computer science is  opening
at the University of Aarhus.   This is its initial call  for
admissions and grant applications.

The  School is  an  integrated  part   of  the  BRICS (Basic
Research in Computer Science) Research  Centre, and both are
funded by  the Danish  National  Research  Foundation.   The
school admits     10-12 students annually,    and provides a
substantial number of grants  for Danish as well as  foreign

The PhD School wishes to recruit foreign PhD students of the
highest  international standards.  It  provides an excellent
research environment and scientific training facilities, and
aims at making  its PhD  graduates   attractive for a   wide
spectrum of employers -  in private and public  research and
development institutions, both in Denmark and abroad.

So,  if  you  are a  computer science   student and soon  to
complete  at least   four years of   full-time study, highly
motivated  for  a  PhD  study    in a truly    international
environment, please send   us an  application following  the
instructions below.    For   more  details   please    visit
http://www.brics.dk,  or   contact    us    by  e-mail    at

Also, we would  appreciate your passing on  this information
to interested students  and colleagues at your university or
research institute.


The  Research  Centre  BRICS  (Basic  Research  In  Computer
Science) was founded in 1994 by the Danish National Research
Foundation at the University of  Aarhus in association  with
the University of Aalborg.  BRICS supports basic research in
Algorithmics, Logic  and    Semantics,  mainly through    an
extensive   programme  of  short-   and long-term   visiting

Research Areas

The   core  areas of  the    PhD  School are: Semantics   of
Computation; Logic    in  Computer Science;    Computational
Complexity; Design and  Analysis of Algorithms;  Programming
Languages;  Distributed Computing;   Verification; and  Data
Security and Cryptology.

The school will provide its students with a solid background
in  the     theoretical  foundation centred    around  BRICS
activities.   From this foundation,  the students may either
continue in one of the core areas or venture into areas of a
more applied   or experimental nature  as possible  areas of
thesis specialisation.

Admission Prerequisites and Study Structure

Admission is based  on knowledge corresponding to four years
of full-time studies, including basic courses in programming
and  programming languages,  algorithms and data structures,
computer architecture, computability and mathematics.  (This
list is based on the  current undergraduate education at the
University of Aarhus, and  will be interpreted in a flexible

The time  allocated for the  PhD  studies is a  further four
years,  where the first   two  years include some  mandatory
course work  and   introductory  research,  concluded  by  a
qualifying  examination,   whereas the  last  two  years are
dedicated  to the  writing of the   thesis, finishing with a
defence. All students admitted to the school will enter this
study structure.  We may,  however, take into account merits
from previous study.

Students   are normally admitted    for  the semester  start
September  1st, but admission  may take place throughout the

PhD Student Grants

The school offers student grants of different types covering
tuition waivers and/or living expenses.

School Start

The BRICS International  PhD School formally started January
1st  1997.  The first   school students will be admitted  by
September  1st  1997.   The  school will admit approximately
10-12  students per year, of which  half  are expected to be

How to apply

1. Fill in the application form on


  Alternatively, send  an  e-mail to phdschool@brics.dk with
  subject "Application" including:

 - your   full name,  personal   address and  phone  number,
   college /  university, URL of  home page (if applicable),
   e-mail address,

 - type of application,  i.e.  a combination  of: admission;
   tuition waiver; studentship covering living expenses (for
   details see http://www.brics.dk).

2. Send by ordinary mail to the address below

 - a  covering letter, including  the  information from your
   application form/e-mail,
 - a short curriculum vitae,
 - complete official  transcripts  from colleges or  univer-
   sities,  documenting minimally four   years of  full time
 - names of  three  people whom  we may ask  for  letters of
 - an indication of applicant's  motivation for a PhD study,
   and  particular research area  of initial interest (max 2

There  are  no  general  deadlines,  but   applications  for
admission September 1st, 1997   should be  sent as soon   as
possible and preferably before April 15th.

Further Information

For further information, please e-mail phdschool@brics.dk or



  BRICS PhD School
  Department of Computer Science
  University of Aarhus
  Ny Munkegade, Bldg. 540
  DK-8000 Aarhus C.
  Phone: +45 8942 3264