Types in Compilation Workshop Advance Program

	   --- ACM SIGPLAN Workshop Advance Program ---

		  Types in Compilation (TIC97)

		Held in conjunction with ICFP97
		   Amsterdam, The Netherlands
			 June 8, 1997

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Workshop Description

Recent advances in type theory have led to a number of new
applications of types during the compilation process. Type 
information has been found to be useful for compiler verification,
for program analysis and transformation, for optimizing dynamic
method dispatch in object-oriented languages, for code generation, 
for debugging of the compiler and a number of other applications. 
Several state-of-the-art compilers maintain an explicitly-typed
representation of the source program through the later stages of
compilation. Some compilers emit type information into the object
file to facilitate later verification of the object code.

The workshop on Types in Compilation is a one day meeting that will 
cover both theoretical aspects and practical applications of type
systems in compilation.


Workshop Program

         8:30  Welcome

 8:40 -  9:30  Invited Talk: Mitchell Wand, Northeastern University
               Types in Compilation

 9:30 - 10:00  coffee break

10:00 - 10:30  Emmanuel Chailloux, Pascal Manoury, Bruno Pagano, 
               University of Paris VI
               Types behind the mirror : a proposal for partial ML type 
               reconstruction at run-time

10:30 - 11:00  Franklyn Turbak, Wellesley College
               Compiling with Intersection and Union Types

11:00 - 11:30  Robert Harper, Carnegie Mellon University
               Compiling Modules in the TIL/ML Compiler

11:30 - 12:00  Manuel Fahndrich, University of California at Berkeley
12:00 -  1:30  lunch

 1:30 -  2:00  Andrew Tolmach, Portland State University
               Combining Closure Conversion with Closure 
               Analysis using Algebraic Types

 2:00 -  2:30  Nevin Heintze, Bell Labs
               Analysis of Typed Intermediate Representations

 2:30 -  3:00  Xavier Leroy, INRIA
               The Effectiveness of Type-based Unboxing

 3:00 -  3:30  coffee break

 3:30 -  4:00  Zhong Shao, Yale University
               An Overview of the FLINT/ML Compiler

 4:00 -  4:30  Simon Peyton Jones, Glasgow University and OGI
               Erik Meijer, University of Utrecht and OGI
               Henk: a typed intermediate language

 4:30 -  5:00  John Hannan, Penn State University (tentative)


See http://www.cs.kun.nl/fpl/icfp-pepm97/#registration


Important Dates

	- January 10, 1997, Submission deadline.
	- March 1, 1997, Program announcement.
	- May 1, 1997, Deadline for final versions of extended abstracts.
	- June 8, 1997, Workshop.


Workshop Organizers

  - Robert Harper, Carnegie Mellon University
  - Robert Muller, Boston College

Program Committee

  - Luca Cardelli, Digital Equipment Corporation
  - Xavier Leroy, INRIA Rocquencourt
  - Greg Morrisett, Cornell University
  - Joe Wells, Glasgow University

March 21, 1997. R. Muller