CFP: School on Computational and Syntactic Methods august 97

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                        European Educational Forum

                School on COMPUTATIONAL and SYNTACTIC METHODS

                Mierlo, The Netherlands, August 11 -- 22, 1997



The School on Computational and Syntactic Methods is the second event
organised by the European Educational Forum (EEF), a joint initiative of
the three interuniversitary research schools BRICS (Basic Research In
Computer Science) from Denmark, IPA (Institute for Programming research
and Algorithmics) from the Netherlands, TUCS (TUrku centre for Computer
Science) from Finland. The first EEF-event was the School on Embedded
Systems, in November 1996; the third EEF-event will be the School on
Natural Computing to be held in Turku, Finland, August 25 --29, 1997.

The EEF organises a series of four `Summer Schools on Foundations of
Computing Science', each covering specific parts of the Handbook of
Logic in Computer Science (Eds. Abramsky, Gabbay and Maibaum, Oxford
University Press). The relevant Handbook chapters are part of the course
material. The first school in this series of four is this School on
Computational and Syntactic Methods, to be held in Mierlo, close to
Eindhoven in the south of the Netherlands. The school is sponsored by
the EC via the TMR network ``Synergos'', so young researchers (up to 35
years of age) from the EC can apply for a grant, covering for part of
the costs for travel and subsistance. 


The program of the school consists of five courses. Each of the courses
consists of lectures and exercise hours.
Details of the precise schedule of the courses will be provided later.
The courses to be given are:

     Term Rewriting - Klop (Amsterdam NL), Zantema (Utrecht NL) 
     Type Systems - Barendregt (Nijmegen NL), Geuvers (Eindhoven NL) 
     Models of Concurrency - Winskel, Nielsen (Aarhus DK) 
     Effective Algebras - Tucker (Swansea UK), Stoltenberg-Hansen
						(Uppsala SE)
     Process Algebra - Baeten (Eindhoven NL), Verhoef (Amsterdam NL) 

The material will be handed out at the beginning of the course. It
includes Volumes 2 and 4 of the Handbook of Logic in Computer Science
(Eds. Abramsky, Gabbay and Maibaum, Oxford University Press)and
furthermore some additional course notes and exercises.

Mierlo is a small city close to the city of Eindhoven, in the south of
the Netherlands. Eindhoven is 1 hour and 50 minutes by train from
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Eindhoven has its own small airport and good
train connections with the rest of the Netherlands.
The event takes place in the Conference Centre `de Brug' in Mierlo. Here
you will find all facilities under one roof: hotel-rooms, restaurants,
bars and a wide range of sports- and recreation facilities (such as
bowling, squash and tennis courts, a swimming pool, sauna, fitnessroom,
etc.). De Brug also provides a nice environment for cycling
and hiking. 
The prices are: Dfl 1669,- per person, from August 11 till August 22 on
a two-person bedroom. (Includes all meals and tea and coffee during the
breaks.) An extra night before or after the meeting costs Dfl 83,-. For
a one-person bedroom these prices are Dfl 1994,- and Dfl 127,-,
respectively. Only a limited number of one-person bedrooms is available.
The costs of your stay are to be paid to the Conferece Centre De Brug.

The address of de Brug:
Arkweg 3-17, 5731 PD Mierlo, NL
Postbus 92 5730 AB Mierlo, NL
Phone: +492 678911
Fax: +492 664895

The registration fee covers the course material and the costs of social
events. Moreover, for members of IPA, the registration fee also covers
the cost of accommodation. Please REGISTER BEFORE June 1st 1997, by
sending in the registration form.

The registration fee covers the proceedings and the costs of social
events. Moreover, for members of IPA, the registration fee also covers
the cost of accommodation. 

                                Early Registration              Late
                                Before June 1, 1997             After
June 1, 1997

 Members of IPA(*): Dfl 500,- (After June 1, 1997: Dfl 600,-)
 Members of TUCS/BRICS(**): Dfl 300,-  (After June 1, 1997: Dfl
 Other(**) : Dfl 800,- (After June 1, 1997: Dfl 900,-) 

(*) Includes social event, course material and accommodation 
(**) Includes social event and course material 

The School on Embedded Systems is sponsored by the European Union's TMR
Euroconference Program. Grants can be applied to cover expenses of young
researchers that wish to participate. 
+ Who can apply? 
	Young researchers (aged 35 years or under) on postgraduate or
	postdoctorate level who are citizens of European Union member
 	states or associated countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein,
+ Which expenses are covered? 
	Each grant covers at least 80% of the costs of travel,
	registration and accomodation. (Accomodation based on a
 	two-person bedroom.) If there are more grants available than 
	there have been applied for, this percentage may be higher. 
+ How to apply? 
        Please fill in the form Application for Grant 
+ Deadline: 
	Applications for grants should be sent in by June 15, 1997. 
+ Notification: 
	Applicants will be notified by July 1, 1997. In case more
	grants are applied for than available, the organisers will make
 	a selection. 


For further information, see the WWW-homepage:
or contact wsinti@win.tue.nl 


(Send the form below to wsinti@win.tue.nl or by fax to +31-40-2463992



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there is only a limited number of one-person
IPA-member : Yes/No (Delete where non applicable)
If `No': member of the research school: 
Cross one of the two boxes below: 

     [ ] I shall pay the registration fee when I arrive 
     [ ] I shall pay the registration fee via bank-transfer to 
          account no.
          of IPA, Department of Math. and Comp. Science,
          Technological University Eindhoven
          The Netherlands