Re: CADE-14 ATP System Competition

                 The CADE-14 ATP System Competition (CASC-14)
                            Townsville, Australia
                                16 July, 1997

                            CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

The CADE conferences  are the major forum for the  presentation of new research
in  all  aspects of  automated deduction.  In  order  to stimulate  ATP  system
development, and to expose ATP systems to interested researchers, a competition
for 1st order ATP systems will be held at CADE-14, on Wednesday 16th July 1997.
The use of type theory,  for example through the  use of soft typing of untyped
problems,  has the potential to significantly  improve the  performance of  ATP
systems.  Researchers in  type theory who  have exploited this  possibility are
encouraged to enter their systems into CASC-14.

CASC-14 will evaluate the performance of sound  fully automatic ATP systems for
problems  in  Clause Normal Form (CNF),  and offer  demonstration sections  for
First Order Form (FOF)  and special hardware systems.  The competition  will be
run on SUN Ultra 140s, each with 64MB memory, provided by SUNService Australia.
The  evaluation will  be in  terms of  the number  of problems  solved and  the
average time taken for each successful solution. The ATP systems will attempt a
bounded number of eligible problems,  chosen from the TPTP Problem Library, and
a specified CPU time limit will be imposed on each solution attempt. 

Information  regarding  the   competition  divisions,   problem  selection  and
preparation,  time limits and timing, system execution, performance evaluation,
demonstration  divisions, and the conditions for participation, can be found in
the CASC-14 WWW pages:

The competition  is being  organized by  Christian Suttner and Geoff Sutcliffe.
The  competition will be overseen by  a panel of knowledgeable  researchers who
are not  participating in the event;  the panel members are  Alan Bundy, Claude
Kirchner, and Jeff Pelletier. It is planned  to publish the competition results
in a form that includes contributions written by entrants.

Registration  for  participation  closes  on 15 May  1997.  Please  fill in the
registration  form on the  WWW page  (or email  one of the organizers).  Please
register as  early as possible  (e.g., right away),  so that the organizers can
ensure that sufficient resources are available.

CASC-14 Organizers:
    Christian Suttner                  Geoff Sutcliffe
    Institut fuer Informatik           Department of Computer Science
    TU Muenchen                        James Cook University
    D-80290 Muenchen                   Townsville, QLD 4811
    Germany                            Australia

    Tel: [+49] 89 521098               [+61] 77 815085
    FAX: [+49] 89 526502               [+61] 77 814029
    Email: suttner@informatik.tu-muenchen.de     geoff@cs.jcu.edu.au


The CADE-14 conference itself will be held from Sunday,  13 July,  to Thursday,
17 July, 1997. Further information about CADE-14 can be obtained from the Local
Arrangements Chair or from the CADE-14 WWW site:

CADE-14 Program Chair:                 CADE-14 Local Arrangements Chair:
    William McCune                     Geoff Sutcliffe
    Mathematics and Computer Science   Department of Computer Science
    Argonne National Laboratory        James Cook University
    Argonne, IL, 60439-4844            Townsville, QLD 4811
    USA                                Australia

    Tel: [+1] 630 2523065              [+61] 77 815085
    Fax: [+1] 630 2525986              [+61] 77 814029
    Email: cade14-chair@mcs.anl.gov    geoff@cs.jcu.edu.au