SAS'97 (Extended Deadline)

Given the large number of requests for extensions, we decided to
extend the deadline for submissions to April 22. This is a HARD


                     CALL FOR PAPERS 
           International Static Analysis Symposium (SAS'97)

               Paris, France, 8--10 September 1997


Static Analysis is increasingly recognised as a fundamental tool for
high performance implementations and verification systems of high-level
programming languages. The last two decades have witnessed substantial
developments in this area, ranging from theoretical frameworks to
design, implementation, and application of analysers in
optimising compilers.

The Fourth International Static Analysis Symposium (SAS'97) will be
held in Paris to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the publication of
the seminal paper of Patrick and Radhia Cousot in the Proceedings of
the Principles of Programming Languages Conference (POPL'77). Previous
symposia were held in Namur, Glasgow, and Aachen.

The technical program for SAS'97 will consist of invited lectures,
tutorials, panels, presentations of refereed papers, and software
demonstrations. Contributions are welcome on all aspects of Static
Analysis, including, but not limited to

    Abstract Interpretation                Optimising Compilers           
    Complexity                             Theoretical Frameworks         
    Experimental Evaluation                Verification Systems           
    Specific Analyses                      Type Inference                 
    Partial Evaluation                     Abstract Domains 

Submissions can address any programming paradigm, including
concurrent, constraint, functional, imperative, logic and
object-oriented programming.  Survey papers that present some aspect
of the above topics with a new coherence are also welcome.

Papers must be written in English, must not exceed 15
pages (excluding references and figures), and must contain a cover
page containing the following: a 200-word abstract, keywords, postal
and electronic mailing addresses, and phone numbers and fax numbers of
one of the authors.  Submissions should arrive by
APRIL 7, 1997 either by email (a Postscript
file) or by post (six paper copies) at the address 

      Post:  Pascal Van Hentenryck 
             Department of Computer Science 
             Box 1912 
             115 Waterman St. 4th floor 
             Providence, RI 02906 
      Email: sas97@cs.brown.edu 
      Phone: + 1 401 863 76 34 
      Fax:   + 1 401 863 76 57 

Electronic submission is preferred, but do ensure that your submission
is self-contained and prints on A4 paper.  At the time of submission a
message containing an ASCII or LATEX version of the paper's cover page
should be sent by email and all electronic submissions will be
acknowledged.  Authors will be notified of the acceptance or rejection
of their papers by JUNE 2, 1997. Final versions of the accepted papers
must be received in camera-ready form by JUNE, 23 1997.  The
proceedings will be published by Springer-Verlag in the LNCS series.

Conference Chair: 
    R. Cousot (CNRS & Polytechnique) 

Program Chair: 
    P. Van Hentenryck (Brown) 

Program Committee:
    F. Bourdoncle (Mines, Paris) 
    M. Bruynooghe (Leuven) 
    A. Cortesi (Venice) 
    S. Debray (Arizona) 
    A. Deutsch (INRIA)  
    R. Giacobazzi (Pisa) 
    C. Hankin (Imperial College) 
    N. Halbwachs (Grenoble) 
    L. Hendren (McGill) 
    F. Henglein (DIKU) 
    D. Le Me'tayer (INRIA/IRISA)  
    T. Marlowe (Seton Hall) 
    J. Palsberg (Purdue) 
    W. Winsborough (Penn State) 

Invited Speakers:
    P. Cousot 
    W. Harrison 
    N. Jones 
    B. Le Charlier  
    K. Marriott 
    B. Ryder 

Important Dates:
    Hard Deadline: 22 April
    Notification: 2 June 
    Final Version:  23 June