Re: what's everyone up to?

I've also been wondering how to nudge the Types list back in the
direction of a forum for discussion and interchange, rather than just
a distribution mechanism for preprints and conference announcements,
useful as these are.  

I'd be interested in people's thoughts about how to do this.  As a
start, here's one proposal that I'd been considering:

  1) Bundle preprint, job, and conference announcements into a
  one-a-week or so digest (like the RISKS list, before it turned into a

  2) Distribute technical questions, answers, diatribes,
  etc. immediately when I receive them.  

This proposal is clearly subject to tuning (for example, maybe
preprints should get posted individually instead of being digested),
but perhaps there are entirely different and better ways of using the
Types list to talk to each other, while respecting the fact that each
message to Types now reaches something like a thousand people...

        Benjamin Pierce
        Types forum moderator