Mixed modal/linear lambda calculus with type inference and subtyping

Dear Typists,

As part of a quest for pragmatically more appealing versions of
Bellantoni-Cook's safe recursion scheme I have developed a mixed
linear/modal lambda calculus with subtyping and type inference. The
types of the system are 

A,B ::= N | A -o B | A -> B | $A -o B | $A -> B

The subtyping is generated by A-oB <: A->B <: $A -> B and A-oB <: $A-o
B <: $A -> B. This allows us to have only one kind of functional
abstraction and application; and no term formers referring to
linearity and/or modality. 

The system contains constants for various kinds of safe recursion
whose types make use of modality and linearity. 

A draft paper and a prototype implementation can be found under
http://www.mathematik.th-darmstadt.de/~mh/slr_test.html The
implementation can be tried out via WWW without installing any

Comments are welcome, 

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