PhD studentship at Glasgow

A PhD Studentship in Computer Science at Glasgow University

There is a PhD opening for three years in the 
department of Computer Science at Glasgow University to work on a project 
	"On Type Theory and Term Rewriting for expressive and efficient 
		programming languages".
The candidate must be very competent in theory and implementation.

The candidate will be working within the "beauty: better and ultimate types" 
group under the supervision of Dr. Fairouz Kamareddine, and Dr. Joe Wells. 

The post is funded by EPSRC and the aim of the project is to:

1. Expand boundaries of type system expressiveness without losing automatic
   type inference.
2. Formalizing an ML-like language in a general and simple framework, i.e.,
   a framework as elegant as the notion of a pure type system (PTS).
3. Combining these results in a language partially or entirely based on 
   explicit concepts of term rewriting.

The expected benefits for programming languages are: less limiting and more 
expressive type theory, enhanced theoretical foundations, and more efficient 

Further descriptions of the project and the group can be found on:

Interested candidates should submit their cv and forward three letters 
of reference to:
	 Dr. Fairouz Kamareddine 
	 University of Glasgow
	 Department of Computer Science
   	 17 Lilybank Gardens
 	 Glasgow G12 8QQ
Closing date of applications 15 June 1997.