TACS'97 Program and Registration Information


      International Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Software 

                      Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan
                          September 23-26, 1997

      Further information about TACS'97 can be obtained on the Web, at:

      Any inquiry on TACS'97 Program and Registration may be directed to



                            SYMPOSIUM PROGRAM

                           SEPTEMBER 23 TUESDAY
                        (Autumnal Equinox Holiday)

14:30 REGISTRATION at Sendai Washington Hotel II till 20:00

15:30 TACS Open Lecture at Sendai Washington Hotel II
      Martin Abadi
      Principles and Rules for Security Protocols

18:30 Reception at Sendai Washington Hotel II till 19:30

                           SEPTEMBER 24 WEDNESDAY
                 at Aoba Memorial Building, Tohoku University
 9:30 Invited Talk 1 
      Robin Milner
      The Graphical Presentation of Action Calculi

10:30 Break

SESSION 1, 10:50 - 12:20

10:50 Jacques Garrigue, Didier Remy
      Extending ML with Semi-Explicit Polymorphism

11:20 Alexander Aiken, Edwards L. Wimmers, Jens Palsberg
      Optimal Representations of Polymorphic Types with Subtyping

11:50 Zena M. Ariola, Stefan Blom
      Cyclic Lambda Calculi

12:20 Lunch Break 

13:40 Invited Talk 2 
      Atsushi Ohori
      Type System for Specializing Polymorphism

14:40 Break

SESSION 2, 15:00 - 16:00

15:00 Mario Coppo, Ferruccio Damiani, Paola Giannini
      On Strictness and Totality

15:30 Julia Lawall, Peter Thiemann
      A Two-Level Lambda Calculus

16:00 Break

SESSION 3, 16:15 - 17:15

16:15 Yoshiki Kinoshita, Peter W. O'Hearn, A. John Power, 
      Makoto Takeyama, Robert Tennent
      An Axiomatic Approach to Binary Logical Relations with Applications
      to Data Refinement

16:45 Marcello M. Bonsangue, Joost N. Kok
      Infinitary Domain Logic for Finitary Transition Systems

17:15 Break

19:00 - 20:30 BANQUET at Sendai Washington Hotel II

                           SEPTEMBER 25 THURSDAY
                 at Aoba Memorial Building, Tohoku University

 9:30 Invited Talk 3 
      Jean-Jacques Levy
      Some Results in the Join-Calculus

10:30 Break

SESSION 4, 10:50 - 12:20

10:50 Julian Rathke, Matthew Hennessy
      Local Model Checking for Value-passing Processes

11:20 Kaisa Sere, Marina Walden
      Data Refinement of Remote Procedures

11:50 Samson Abramsky, Simon Gay, Rajagopal Nagarajan
      A Type-theoretic Approach to Deadlock-freedom of Asynchronous Systems

12:20 Lunch Break

13:40 Invited Talk 4 
      Carolyn Talcott
      Composable Semantic Models for Actor Theories

14:40 Break

SESSION 5, 15:00 - 16:00

15:00 Franco Barbanera, Stefano Berardi, Massimo Schivalocchi 
      "Classical" Programming-with-Proofs in \lambda^{sym}_PA: An Analysis
      of Non-Confluence

15:30 John Power, Hayo Thielecke
      Continuation Semantics and Indexed Categories

16:00 Break

SESSION 6, 16:15 - 17:15

16:15 Kim B. Bruce, Luca Cardelli, Benjamin C. Pierce
      Comparing Object Encodings

16:45 Erik Poll
      System F with Width-Subtyping and Record Updates
17:15 Break with Snack

18:00 EVENING SESSION for Informal Discussions till 19:30

                           SEPTEMBER 26 FRIDAY
                 at Aoba Memorial Building, Tohoku University

 9:30 Invited Talk 5 
      Robert Harper
      Types in Compilation

10:30 Break

SESSION 7, 10:50 - 12:20

10:50 Sean Matthews
      Extending a Logical Framework with a Modal Connective for Validity

11:20 Samuel Boutin
      Using Reflection to Build Efficient and Certified Decision Procedures

11:50 Benjamin Werner
      Sets in Types, Types in Sets

12:20 Lunch Break

SESSION 8, 13:40 - 15:10

13:40 Combining Petri Nets and PA-Processes
      Richard Mayr

14:10 Satoshi Yamane, Kazuhiro Nakamura
      Real-Time Symbolic Model-checking Method Based on Approximation
      by BDD and DBM
14:40 Philippa Gardner, Masahito Hasegawa
      Higher-order Action Calculi and Notions of Computation

15:10 Break

15:30 Invited Talk 6
      Gerard Huet
      Rational Transducers as Regular Bohm Trees

16:30 CLOSING SESSION till 16:40


18:30 - 20:30 Japanese Dinner Party for Participants from Abroad

                         TACS'97 is sponsored by

                        Tohoku University, Sendai

                          in cooperation with

                  Information Processing Society of Japan

             Japan Society for Software Science and Technology

                       Association for Symbolic Logic

                Association for Computing Machinery--SIGACT

Symposium Chair:

   Takayasu Ito		Tohoku University

Advisory Board:

   Rodney Burstall	University of Edinburgh
   Robert L. Constable	Cornell University
   Albert R. Meyer	MIT (chair)
   John C. Mitchell	Stanford University
   Gordon Plotkin       University of Edinburgh
   Masahiko Sato        Kyoto University
   Akinori Yonezawa     University of Tokyo

Program Chairs:
   Martin Abadi 	Digital Systems Research Center
   Takayasu Ito		Tohoku University

Program Committee: 

   Martin Abadi 	Digital Systems Research Center
   Mariangiola Dezani 	University of Torino
   Masami Hagiya	University of Tokyo
   Susumu Hayashi	Kobe University 
   Thomas A. Henzinger	University of California at Berkeley
   Takayasu Ito		Tohoku University
   Neil Jones 		University of Copenhagen
   Naoki Kobayashi 	University of Tokyo		
   Jean-Jacques Levy 	INRIA
   Peter O'Hearn	Queen Mary and Westfield College
   Atsushi Ohori	Kyoto University
   Luke Ong 		University of Oxford
   Frank Pfenning       Carnegie Mellon University
   Benjamin Pierce 	Indiana University	
   Natarajan Shankar	SRI International			
   Val Tannen 		University of Pennsylvania
   Frits Vaandrager     University of Nijmegen


                         GENERAL INFORMATION

TACS'97 will be held on the campus of Tohoku University, Sendai,
Japan. The invited talks and contributed talks will be presented at
the Aoba Memorial Building, Faculty of Engineering located on the Aoba
Hill about 3 km west of downtown Sendai. The conference reception and
banquet will be held at Sendai Washington Hotel II, located in
downtown Sendai.

Sendai is the largest city in the northern part of the Honshu Island
of Japan, with a population of about 900,000. The city is known in
Japan as the "City of Trees". It is 350 km north from Tokyo and about
2 hours away by the Tohoku Bullet Train (Tohoku Shinkansen). Sendai is
a modern, safe city with a temperate climate by four distinct,
beautiful seasons.

Conference registration is open to the public. Reservations for the
Japanese dinner party (September 26) will be limited. Register and
make reservations by returning the completed form below by email, fax,
or airmail. There will also be on-site registration at:
    * Sendai Washington Hotel II, 14:30-20:00, September 23 
    * Aoba Memorial Bldg., Tohoku Univ., 9:00 -17:00 on September 24-26

Conference participants arriving at the new Tokyo International
(Narita) Airport are advised to take the JR Narita Express train from
Narita Airport to Tokyo Station. Then take the Yamabiko super express
train of Tohoku Shinkansen (Tohoku Bullet Train) to Sendai from
Tokyo. The Yamabiko runs about every 30 min. and takes about 2 hours
from Tokyo to Sendai. Making reservation at Narita Station for the
Yamabiko is strongly recommended, since it will be the autumn tourist
season. Those arriving at the new Osaka International (Kansai)
Airport can fly to Sendai Airport, and take Limousine Bus service to
Sendai Station. The bus takes about 45 min. to go from the Airport to
Sendai Station. You can also take a shuttle bus service from Kansai
Airport to the Osaka (Itami) Airport to fly from there to Sendai
Airport. Alternatively, you can take a local train from the Kansai
Airport to JR Osaka Station, then take the Tokaido Shinkansen from
Osaka to Tokyo Station and change at Tokyo Station to Tohoku
Shinkansen. Some details on transportation will be available through
the TACS Web page, at
Note: No flight service is available from Narita to Sendai Airport,
since the train service is superior. There is another service from
Narita Airport to downtown Tokyo (Ueno) by Skyliner of the
Keisei-Narita Line. At Ueno you can take the Yamabiko superexpress of
Tohoku Shinkansen to Sendai, but you have to walk about 10 min. from
Keisei-Ueno Station to JR Ueno Station to take Tohoku Shinkansen. If
you are going to travel in Japan by JR lines before/after the TACS'97
symposium, it will be convenient and economical to get a JR PASS
before your departure. Contact your travel agent for more information.

Three recommended hotels offer discount rates to TACS'97 participants:
the Sendai Tokyu Hotel, the Sendai Washington Hotel, and the Sendai
Fuji Hotel. They are 1.2 km west of Sendai Station and about 700 Yen
by taxi from the station. The conference reception and banquet will be
held at the Sendai Washington Hotel II. The three hotels are located
within 5 min. walk of each other.

The weather in Sendai from the middle of September to the middle of
October is usually delightful: mostly sunny with temperatures ranging
from the low 50 F (10 C) to the low 70 F (20 C). A light jacket may be
needed in the morning and evening. Rain, if any, would rarely be


Registration fees
Registration fees cover attendance in all sessions, a copy of the
proceedings, refreshments and snack, the conference reception and
banquet, but not the Japanese dinner party on September 26. The member
rate is available to members of any of the sponsoring or cooperating
organizations. The reduced author rate applies to all authors of
accepted papers. The student rate applies to full time
students. Registrants paying reduced rates have full privileges at the
conference. The companion rate covers the reception and banquet only.

                   Through August 15        From August 16
Non-Member                50,000 Yen            60,000 Yen
Member                    40,000 Yen            50,000 Yen
Author                    30,000 Yen            40,000 Yen
Student                   20,000 Yen            30,000 Yen
Companion                  3,000 Yen             6,000 Yen

Hotel rates
Three convenient Western Style hotels offer TACS'97 discount
rates. Rates are per person, per night, and include breakfast,
service charge, and tax.

                              Single Room          Twin Room  
Sendai Tokyu Hotel             13,650 Yen         12,600 Yen  
Sendai Washington Hotel I       9,450 Yen          --------   
Sendai Washington Hotel II      9,450 Yen          8,925 Yen
Sendai Fuji Hotel               8,610 Yen          8,085 Yen

Note: No roommate matching service is available, so twin room
reservations remain the registrant's responsibility.

Japanese dinner party for participants from abroad
A Japanese dinner party for participants from abroad will be arranged
for September 26. The invited speakers, some PC members, and some
conference organizers will attend. A limited number of reservations
will be available for this dinner party. The rates are as follows.
        Conference registrant: 7,000 Yen
        Companion:             5,000 Yen


Please register and make reservations by completing the form below and 
returning it with payment by email, fax, or airmail.

The form may be sent by email to


Email registrants are encouraged to send a signed, printed copy of
their completed form to the address below, and will then receive
written reconfirmation.

The signed, completed form may also be sent by airmail or by fax to
        TACS'97 Advance Registration
        Tohoku Group Tours Sales Office
        Tokyu Tourist Corporation
        Nisseki Tokyu Sendai Bldg. 2F
        1-6-18, Chuo, Aoba-ku, Sendai, 980, Japan
        (Fax)   022-265-5765
                +81-22-265-5765 (from abroad)

        (Phone) 022-263-3232
                +81-22-263-3232 (from abroad)

Please type or print.

Last (Family) Name:

First (Given) Name:



Postal Address:






Registration Status 
 <Non-Member, Member, Author, Student>:

Number of Companions:

(A) Total Registration Fee(s) in Yen:


Hotel First Choice:

Hotel Second Choice:

Number of Single Room(s):

Number of Twin Room(s):

Check-in Time & Date:

Check-out Time & Date:

Number of Nights:

Special Room or other Request:

(B) Hotel Deposit of 8,000 Yen x [  ] person(s):


  A limited number of reservations are available for the Japanese dinner
  party to be arranged for participants from abroad.

(C) 7,000 Yen x [  ] conference registrant(s):

(D) 5,000 Yen x [  ] companion(s):


(A) + (B) + (C) + (D):

Signature (not needed for email):

  Participants are encouraged to pay via Visa card, MasterCard, Amex card,
  Diners card, or money transfer. Bank checks will be accepted when credit 
  card or money transfer is not feasible. Personal checks cannot be accepted. 
  All payments must be made in Japanese Yen. 

Indicate method of payment below:

[   ] Credit Card Type <Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or Diners>:

      Card Number: 

      Expiration Date:

      Signature (not needed for email):

[   ] Bank Transfer to
      Bank: 77 Bank, Nakakecho Branch
      Account Name: Tokyu Tourist Co., Tohoku Group Tours Sales Office
      Account No. 9018221

      From <bank name>:

      Date of transfer:

[   ] Bank Check made payable to
           Tokyu Tourist Co., Tohoku Group Tours Sales Office
      enclosed with hard copy of the form above.

Reservations and registration will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.
Refunds will be made upon written request received through September 10,
1997 by the TACS'97 Symposium Chair (Takayasu Ito).

Additional Notes:

  Those who are going to stay in Tokyo before or after the conference
  may be able to reserve rooms in Tokyo by making a copy of the hotel
  reservation form and by sending it as above. Please indicate your
  preferred level of hotel by writing "Sendai Tokyu Hotel"-level,
  "Sendai Washington Hotel"-level, or "Sendai Fuji Hotel"-level. The
  rates of a Tokyo hotel will be about 30% higher than those of a
  Sendai hotel of the same level.