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JFP 6.4 July 1996

Representing demand by partial projections
John Launchbury and Gebreselassie Baraki

New dimensions in heap profiling
Colin Runciman and Nicklas Rojemo

Benchmarking implementations of functional languages with 'Pseudoknot',
a float-intensive benchmark
Pieter Hartel et al

Functional Pearl: The third homomorphism theorem
Jeremy Gibbons

JFP 6.5 September 1996

A syntactic theory of type generativity and sharing
Xavier Leroy

LambdaV, a calculus of explicit substitutions which preserves strong
Zine-el-Abidine Benaissa, Daniel Briaud, Pierre Lescanne and Jocelyne

Pi-Red+ An interactive compiling graph reduction system for an applied
Dietmar Gartner and Werner E. Kluge

A simple proof of the undecidability of inhabitation in Lambda-P
Marc Bezem and Jan Springintveld

JFP 6.6 November 1996

The Bologna Optimal Higher-order machine
Andrea Asperti, Cecilia Giovannetti and Andrea Naletto

A positive supercompiler
M. H. Sorensen, R. Gluck and N. D. Jones

Optimal purely functional priority queues
Gerth Stolting Brodal and Chris Okasaki

JFP 7.1 January 1997

A foundation for actor computation
Gul A. Agha, Ian A. Mason, Scott F. Smith and Carolyn L. Talcott

First-order functional languages and intensional logic
R.Rondogiannis and W.W. Wadge

On the effectiveness of functional language features: NAS benchmark FT
J. Hammes, S. Sur and W. Bohm

Call for papers: Special issue on Theorem Provers and Functional

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