Final CFP: Third Special Australasian Issue of Theoretical Computer Science

	[Apologies if you receive multiple copies of this announcement.]

	Third Special Australasian Issue of Theoretical Computer Science

			Call for Papers

The recent CATS'97 meeting in Sydney endorsed arrangements for a third
special issue of the journal "Theoretical Computer Science" (TCS)
devoted to work by anyone connected to Australia or New Zealand in
some way.  This includes expanded versions of papers presented at
CATS'97, or some other recent and relevant conference in Australia or
New Zealand, or papers of which at least one author is resident in
Australia or New Zealand.

The submission criteria are the same as for normal TCS papers, and can
be found in any recent issue of TCS.  If it should happen that there
are more acceptable papers than can appear in the special issue, then
the excess will appear in a regular issue of the journal.  

The deadline for submissions is 31st May, 1997. Papers should be submitted to:

James Harland
Department of Computer Science
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
GPO Box 2476V
Melbourne, 3001
Victoria, Australia

(e-mail jah@cs.rmit.edu.au)

Please forward to any interested parties, not already listed.