a workshop announcement

We would like to ask you to send around the following announcement:



		    Durham (U.K.), August 29-31 1997

		 Call for Contribution and Participation

The workshop is to be held at University of Durham, U.K.  The
aim of the workshop is to exchange ideas and research results in the
area of formal proof systems and proof engineering.  Researchers who
are interested in related topics (for example, isomorphism of types
and other theoretico-categorical aspects of formal systems, involved
in proof engineering), including those who are not
formally involved with the TYPES Working Group, are welcome to participate and
make contributions to the workshop  (about  Esprit WG, see

The topics (the list is not exaustive) of the workshop include:

-- proof inheritance, proof reuse, and modularisation of 
   proof development
-- subtyping mechanisms in type theory
-- module mechanisms for type theory and proof development
-- subtyping and coercions in proof assistants
-- proof theory and model theory of subtyping
-- other applications of subtyping and inheritance mechanisms


Conference meetings will take place at the Conference Rooms of 
Grey College at the University of Durham. There are standard
computer connections from the college and demonstration facilities,
including computer projection.


If you wish to give a talk, please send us as soon as possible
its title and an abstract, preferably by e-mail. 

		Informal proceedings

We shall edit the informal proceedings, composed of abstracts and other
materials, after the workshop. This is intended to be considered as an
internal technical report within "Types".


- 01 August 1997, deadline for ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS. Meanwhile, we
would ask you to sent abstracts and registration forms as soon as
possible, for the purpose to make principal local arrangements earlier.

- 10 August 1997, deadline for REGISTRATION 

- 28 August 1997, ARRIVAL. 
The workshop starts in the morning of Friday, 29 August
and ends during the afternoon of Sunday, 31 August.                       


Standard accommodation is situated within Grey College where
the conference meetings are to take place. Gray College booking
is provided by local organisers.  Hotel or bed-and-breakfast
accommodation is also accessible, but booking should be made 
as soon as possible (by the participants themselves),
since Durham attracts a lot of tourists in then summer and early autumn.
The addresses and contact information will be sent on request.

Full accommodation in Gray College includes an individual en-suite room, 
breakfast, lunch, regular dinner and beverages (beverages on 
arrival, mid-morning coffee, afternoon tea). 

There are limited possibilities for family accommodation in Grey College
(on the basis of two joint individual rooms).

	Full 24 hours delegate rate: pounds 46.95

(The variant without College dinner is also normally possible; the
price of regular dinner is 11.03 pounds)

For the participants who don't stay at the College

	-Day delegate rate (including lunch and beverages): pounds 10.22
	-The same including dinner: pounds 21.25

The ORGANISATION FEE covers the renting of the conference room and
facilities and other organisation expenses. It is to be paid on arrival.
The exact rate will depend on the
number of delegates with an upper bound (very probably, less than that) of
pounds 100. 



Durham is situated on the main railway from London to Newcastle and
Edinburgh (approximately, 3 hours from London King's Cross,
2 from Edinburgh and about 15  min. from Newcastle). The closest 
international airport is Newcastle, with a Metro connection to
Newcastle railway station. There is
also a direct train connection with Manchester airport (approx. 3.5 hours

Grey College is situated on South Road, near the University Science
Laboratories (this site includes also Computer Science department).  Taxi
costs about 3; this is about 20 min. walking distance from the Durham
railway station, across the city centre with its castle and spectacular
mediaeval cathedral. 

Small information package (map of Durham etc.) will be sent to registered
participants at the registration deadline.


Locally the workshop is organised by 

	Zhaohui Luo, Sergei Soloviev and Alex Jones 

	Workshop e-mail is cs-types97@durham.ac.uk

	Department of Computer Science
	Durham University
	Science Laboratories
	South Road
	Durham DH1 3LE
	United Kingdom
	phone: +44 191 3747040
	fax: +44 191 3742560

Departmental secretary is Ms Debora Robson

Information (including current updates) is accessible at
the workshop www-page, http://www.dur.ac.uk/~dcs0svs/workshop.html .

About Durham, look at http://www.dur.ac.uk/ .



 Name and address:


 Do you want to give a talk? 
 If yes, please, give  a title and a short abstract

 Type of accomodation (Gray College, full rate; daily rate; etc.):



 Any additional remarks (e.g., dietary preferences):