JFP Special Issue on Functional Programming and Computational Complexity

    Journal of Functional Programming
    Special Issue on Functional Programming and Computational Complexity

A special issue of the Journal of Functional Programming will be
devoted to functional programming and computational complexity. The
submission deadline is 1 November 1997.

Techniques and models for understanding extensional properties
of functional programs are quite well developed. Recently, more
attention has been paid to intensional aspects of functional
programs, but to date little work has been done on understanding
their complexity-theoretic properties, such as usage of time and
space resources. However, preliminary work has started in this direction.
The DIMACS Workshop on Computational Complexity and Programming
Languages was held at the DIMACS Center in July 1996 (more details
may be found at http://dimacs.rutgers.edu/Workshops/Programming.)
Inspired in part by the success of this workshop, this special issue
will feature papers which explore complexity aspects of functional 
programming. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to

* cost models for functional languages
* applications of intensional semantics (including game semantics)
* reasoning about complexity of higher-order procedures
* designing algorithms and data structures for efficient  
  functional computation
* complexity analysis of lazy programs
* logics and calculi which capture complexity classes
* complexity properties of evaluation techniques (e.g., partial evaluation)
* models of computation for functional programs

Papers should present material with a sound theoretical foundation.
Of particular interest are papers which present general models for
reasoning about complexity in a functional setting.

Submission of PostScript by email is encouraged, but hard copies are also
welcome. All submissions for the special issue on functional programming
and computational complexity should be sent to one of the Guest Editors (see
addresses below). Submissions should arrive by 1 November 1997. For other
submission details, please consult an issue of the Journal of Functional
Programming or see the Journal's web pages at http://www.dcs.gla.ac.uk/jfp/.

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