ACM Worshop in Poland


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This is a information about ACM Workshop. Inviting for participation
we are asking you to share this information with anyone who could be interes-
ted in.

                        ACM Workshop on
                  July 2-7, 1997, Jadwisin (Poland) 

The workshop will start on Wednesday, July 2nd, in the afternoon.
Just after the last talk of LICS a special bus will leave from the
front of Victoria Hotel. The travel will take arround 40 minutes
(it will depend on the road conditions). We shall finish the
workshop on Sunday afternoon and the bus will take people to the
airport on Monday morning. A van can also be arranged on Sunday
if necessary.


   Martin Abadi (Digital SRC, Palo Alto) 
   Fritz Henglein (University of Copenhagen) 
   Jens Palsberg (Purdue University) 
   A. J. Kfoury (Boston University) 
   Harry Mairson (Brandeis University) 
   David McAllester (AT&T) 
   John Mitchell (Stanford University) 
   Joe Wells (Boston University) 
   Mads Tofte (University of Copenhagen) 
   Frank Pfenning (Carnegie Mellon University) 
   Jakob Rehof (University of Copenhagen) 
   Pierre Lescanne (ENS, Lyon) 

The workshop will start on Wednesday late afternoon
with a talk by John Mitchell
on adding parameterized types to Java.

There is a www page of the workshop
where you can find some pictures (attention, one of them
is probably taken in another place).

The conference fee (covering accomodation and food) is 550 zloty (appr. 180 US$)
if paid by June 10 and 650 zloty (appr. 210 US$) if paid after June 10.
For details please mail to 

We hope to be able to give several grants to cover the fee. Travel costs will
not be refunded.

To register please fill in the enclosed application form and 
mail it to 
or send a paper copy to
      Leszek Pacholski/ ACM Workshop
      Uniwersytet Wroclawski
      Instytut Informatyki
      ul. Przesmyskiego 20
      PL-51-151 Wroclaw, Poland

Deadline for registation is June 10, 1997.

For more information please visit the World Wide Web page

or send an e-mail to

Besides lectures of invited speakers we are planning panel discussions
and presentations of research of selected participants.

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First name:
Date of birth:
Vegetarian (yes/no):
Post address:
Institutution you are currently associated with:

Fill if you would like to have a presentation of your research
Time in minutes (Max 60 min.):
Abstract (half a page):

Application for scholarship:

A recomendation letter from your professor should be sent to:

Hereby I aply for an amount of ...... zloty to cover the conference fee.

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