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                                       | Dr W. Mitchell
			   ___         | Computer Science Department
			  /   )        | The University
			 /---<   o / / | Manchester M13 9PL
			/___ / _(_/_/  | England
				       | Janet: bill@cs.man.ac.uk
				       | tel:   (+44)161-275-6117
                                       | http://www.cs.man.ac.uk/~bill



     Hulme Hall, Oxford Place, Victoria Park, Manchester, England
			  July 14 - 18, 1997


KEY WORDS: Pure Temporal Logic, Specification and Verification,
Temporal Databases, Temporal Aspects in AI, Tense and Aspect in
Natural Language, Temporal Theorem Proving,


			 <Programme Committee>

Howard Barringer, Gerd Brewka, Jan Chomicki, Allen Emerson, Michael
Fisher, Nissim Francez, Dov Gabbay, Joe Halpern, Hans Kamp, Peter
Ladkin, Angelo Montanari, Istvan Nemeti, Hans Juergen, Amir Pnueli,
Wojciech Penczek, Antonio Porto, Mark Reynolds, Willem Paul de Roever,
Eric Sandewall, Andrzej Szalas, Yde Venema,


		       <Preliminary Programme>

<Tuesday, July 15th>
Temporal Logic and Planning -- Faheim Bacchus (Waterloo, Canada) 
Temporal Databases -- Jan Chomicki(Monmouth, USA) and 
David Toman (Toronto, Canada) 
Temporal Logic of Actions -- Peter Ladkin (Bielefeld, Germany) 
Temporality in Natural Language -- Mark Steedman (Pennsylvania, USA) 

<Wednesday, July 16th>

 9:00am          Welcome
 9:05am          Keynote, Amir Pnueli
11:00am-12:30pm  <Technical Session 1>
	A Hierarchy of Modal Event Calculi: Expressiveness and Complexity
	Angelo Montanari, Iliano Cervesato, Massimo Franceschet
	Release logics for temporalizing dynamic logic
	Jeroen Krabbendam, John-Jules Meyer
	Compositional Verification of Timed Statecharts
	Francesca Levi

 2:00pm-3:30pm  <Technical Session 2>
	Temporal Logic for Stabilizing Systems
	Y Lakhnech, M Siegel
	Decidable Theories of w-Layered Metric Temporal Structures
	Angelo Montanari, Adriano Peron, Alberto Policriti

	Synthesis with Incomplete Information
	Moshe Vardi, Orna Kupferman

 4:00pm-5:30pm  <Technical Session 3>
	Deductive verification of parameterized fault-tolerant
		systems: A case study 
	Nikolaj S Bjorner, Uri Lerner, Zohar Manna
	Using Otter for Temporal Resolution
	Clare Dixon
	Guiding Clausal Temporal Resolution
	Michael Fisher, Clare Dixon

<Thursday, July 17th>

11:00am-12:30pm  <Technical Session 4>
	Modeling Linguistic Events
	Miguel Leith, Jim Cunningham
	A Dynamic Temporal Logic for Aspectual Phenomena in Natural Language
	Ralf Naumann
	A Temporal Logic for Natural Language
	Ian Pratt, Nissim Francez

 2:00pm-3:30pm  <Technical Session 5>
	Transitions of Continuous Time, with an Application to
		Qualitative Changes in Spatial Relations 
	Antony Galton
	A Modal Logic of Durative Actions
	Isabel Nunes, J L Fiadeiro, Wladimir M. Turski
	About Real Time, Calendar Systems and Temporal Notions
	Hans Juergen Ohlbach

 4:00pm Special Lecture, Chris Burton, 
        Rebuild of the Baby Machine (Manchester Mark I) 

<Friday, July 18th>

 9:00am Keynote Alen Emerson
11:00am-12:30pm  <Technical Session 6>
	A Model Checking algorithm for pi-calculus agents
	Stephania Gnesi
	G Ristori
	Interleaving Model and Verification of Distributed
		Probabilistic Real-time Systems
	Tiegeng Luo, Huowang Chen, Zhenghu Gong, Zhichang Qi
	Constructive Interval temporal Logic in ALF
	Simon Thompson

 2:00pm-3:30pm  <Technical Session 7>
	Two-dimensional executable logic for bitemporal databases
	Mark Reynolds, Marcelo Finger
	Execution and Proof in Horn-Clause Temporal Logic
	Michael Fisher, Clare Dixon, Mark Reynolds
	Specification and Prototyping of Structured Multimedia
		Documents using Interval Temporal Logic 
	Howard Bowman, Helen Cameron, Peter King, Simon Thompson


PAYMENT: We accept payment by bankers draft or cheque
         in pounds sterling.
         Please make cheques/bankers draft payable
         to the University of Manchester.


NOTE: A late payment fee of 25 pounds applies to registration applications after
      June 20 1997

To attend please use the plain text email form below,
complete and email to Lynn.Howarth@cs.man.ac.uk,
then arrange for payment (with copy of registration form) 
to follow in post to

Mrs Lynn Howarth 
ICTL'97, c/o Department of Computer Science, 
University of Manchester, Oxford Road,
Manchester, M13 9PL,
Phone: +44 (0)161 275 6154, Fax: +44 (0)161 275 6204

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   Temporal Logic and Planning
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   Temporal Databases
   Temporal Logic of Actions

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