research position

Dear Colleagues,

I would appreciate if you could bring the following announcement to the
attention of
interested researchers.

Best regards,
Abbas Edalat



A two year research position under the EPSRC project 

"Programming Languages for Exact Real Number Computation: 
Theory and Implementation"

is available at the Department of Computing, Imperial College(London), from
1st October 1997.

The work in the project has already resulted in a new representation
of real numbers using linear fractional transformations and a number
of prototype implementations, including in C++/Java and Caml, for
exact computation of elementary functions. In the next two years the
above framework has to be further developed, made more efficient and
applied to various areas in numerical analysis. The aim is to develop
a package for scientific computation which can solve basic numerical
problems up to any desired precision without round-off errors due to
floating points.

Salary will be, according to age and qualifications, in the RA1B or
RA1A scale up to 20,103 pounds per annum plus a London allowance of
2,134 pounds.

Candidates are required to send their CV and the names of two referees
either by email or by post to

Abbas Edalat(ae@doc.ic.ac.uk)
Department of Computing
Imperial College
180 Queen's Gate
London SW7 2BZ.

Deadline for application: 25th July 1997.