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Two Lectureships in Software Engineering

Further Particulars

Applications are invited for two lectureships in software engineering
within the Department of Computer Science.  The University emphasises
excellence in research and teaching; the department provides a
supportive and stimulating atmosphere for research, with excellent
facilities. There are currently 13 members of academic staff, and we
plan to increase this to 17 by October 1998. The department has two
current areas of strength, in software engineering and in artificial
intelligence, and all academic staff contribute to one or other.

We aim to expand our existing research in software engineering, for
which we have established an international reputation.  Since 1986 we
have focussed very clearly on problems concerned with software change
and evolution. In 1987 we named our research group the "Centre for
Software Maintenance" - the world's first such centre addressing a
field of central importance to industry. This has developed into an
internationally respected research group which undertakes both basic
and applied research, with major support from industry and EPSRC in
terms of studentships and grants.  We are also active in important
international forums, such as IEEE, the Software Engineering
Association etc. and we publish widely in the key software engineering
conferences and journals.

Our major contributions include: xma - a system for re-engineering
based on correctness preserving and refining formal transformations;
methods for re-validation of requirements; a set of tools and methods
for program analysis, comprehension and reverse engineering;
visualisation methods for understanding sofware, including the use of
virtual reality; testing methods, in particular the testing of object
oriented software; major developments in "proof engineering" through
type theory, logic and computer-assisted reasoning; design
representations and methods to support software reuse; models and
methods for application management; and support for collaborative
software development .

We have also recently established at Durham (in collaboration with
Keele and UMIST) the BT-funded centre of excellence in software
engineering. Within this project we are exploring  radical new
approaches to software evolution, such as reflective programming, very
high level domain-specific languages, agent-based systems and
self-healing software . Some of this research is now also funded by

We seek two software engineering researchers with a Ph D in Computer
Science or a related area, who can contribute to and enhance our
research in any of the following: reverse engineering, program
comprehension including software visualisation and understanding,
design reuse, type theory and computer-assisted formal reasoning,
transformational systems, and new approaches to software

We welcome applications from those with  a clear vision of their own
research objectives and who can clearly relate their own research to
the current research of the Centre. Our intention is to enhance our
international reputation in software engineering, and this has been
recognised by the University by supporting our expansion over the next
year.  Candidates should be highly motivated, and prepared to work in a
team environment. All members of staff contribute to obtaining research

We have a full undergraduate programme in Computer Science, Software
Engineering, Artifical Intelligence and Information Systems Management.
The new lecturers will teach into these courses. Our intake is 65
students per year, all of whom are highly qualified and motivated. We
also have a thriving Ph D programme to which we attach great

The posts are available from 1st October 1997.  Scale Lecturer A
(16045 - 21016) or B (21894 - 27985).

In their applications, candidates are invited to attach a short summary
of their research plans for the next 3 years, and relate them to those
of the department.

For further information about the current research and teaching of the
Department, see http://www.dur.ac.uk/~dcs0www, or for informal
enquiries contact Professor Keith Bennett (phone: 0191 374 2632, email:

Further details and an application form may be obtained from the
Director of Personnel, University of Durham, Old Shire Hall, Durham
DH1 3HP, tel. 0191 374 7258, Fax. 0191 374 7253, email

Closing date for applications is 25th. July 1997.

Please quote reference number: A671C.

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