first call for papers and tutorials Tableaux'98

First CALL for PAPERS and TUTORIALS                     

                     International Conference


               Analytic Tableaux and Related Methods

      Conference Centre Boschoord, Oisterwijk (near Tilburg),
                          the Netherlands

                           May 5-8, 1998


This conference is a continuation of international workshops/conferences 
on Theorem Proving with Analytic Tableaux and Related Methods held in 
Lautenbach near Karlsruhe (1992), Marseille (1993), Abingdon near 
Oxford (1994), St. Goar near Koblenz (1995), Terrasini near Palermo (1996) 
and Pont-a-Mousson near Nancy (1997).

This conference has the scientific and financial support of the Department 
of Philosophy of Tilburg University (the Netherlands).



Tableaux have been found to be a most convenient formalism for 
automating deduction in various non-classical or non-standard logics. 
Areas of application are verification of software and computer 
systems, deductive databases, knowledge representation and its 
required inference engines, system diagnosis, etc.
Given the increased interest in tableaux-based theorem proving and its 
applications, the conference intends to bring together researchers 
interested in all aspects of the mechanisation of reasoning with
tableaux and related methods (sequent calculi, connection method and model 
elimination...) and working on theoretical foundations, implementation 
techniques, systems development and applications.

Topics of interest include (but are not restricted to):
     - analytic tableaux for various logics (theory and applications);
     - specific related techniques or concepts;
     - related methods (model elimination, sequent calculi,
       connection method, ...);
     - new calculi and methods for theorem proving in classical and
       non-classical logics (modal, intuitionistic, linear, temporal);
     - systems, tools, implementations and applications.
     - tableaux based theorem proving in temporal logics, in 
       particular, for verification purposes.

One or more TUTORIALS will be part of the conference program.

The Tableaux'98 conference will feature a COMPARISON of theorem 
provers for intuitionistic and modal propositional logics. This 
comparison is organized by Alain Heuerding (e-mail: 
heuerd@iam.unibe.ch) and Roy Dyckhoff (e-mail: rd@dcs.st-and.ac.uk). 
For information about this comparison see 
URL: http://iamwww.unibe.ch/~heuerd/comparison/index.html             



The conference will include contributed papers, tutorials, system 
descriptions, a poster session and invited lectures. Submissions are 
invited in three categories: 
(A) Original research papers (up to 15 pages);
(B) Original papers about system descriptions (up to 5 pages);
(C) Tutorials in all areas of analytic tableaux and related methods from
academic research to applications (proposals up to 5 pages).

AD (A) and (B): Papers will be reviewed by members of the program committee. 
They must be unpublished and not submitted for publication elsewhere.
The cover page should include the name, address, e-mail address and phone 
number of each author and the submission category.

The conference proceedings, consisting of the accepted papers of category A 
and B, will be published within the LNAI series of Springer.

AD (C): Tutorial levels may be introductory, intermediate and advanced. 
Novel topics and topics of broad interest are preferred. The 
submission will take the form of a position paper (up to 5 pages) 
including the title, the author, the topic of the tutorial, its 
level, its relevance with respect to conference topics, describing 
precisely the interest and the scientific contents of the proposed 
Proposals will be reviewed by members of the program committee.



Authors are requested to submit their papers or their proposals for 
tutorials by e-mail in the form of Postscript files, preferably in 
LaTeX llncs style, to the Program Chair before November 15, 1997: 
Hardcopy submission is allowed for people without e-mail access.

Contributions for the COMPARISON in modal logics should be submitted 
before November 1, 1997 to heuerd@iam.unibe.ch and contributions for 
the Comparison in intuitionistic logic before November 1, 1997 to 



Deadline for submissions  : November 15, 1997 
                            (November 1 for the Comparison) 
Notification of acceptance: January 21, 1998.
Final text                : February 21, 1998.


Invited Speakers

     - N.G. de Bruijn (Eindhoven Univ, NL)
     - E. Clarke (Carnegie Mellon Univ, USA)

Program Committee

     - M. d'Agostino (Ferrara Univ, Italy)
     - K. Broda (Imperial College, London, UK)
     - R. Dyckhoff (St Andrews Univ, UK)
     - C. Fermueller (TU Wien, Austria)
     - M. Fitting (CUNY, New York City, USA)
     - U. Furbach (Koblenz Univ, Germany)
     - D. Galmiche (LORIA, Nancy, France)
     - R. Gore (Austr. National Univ, Australia)
     - J. Goubault-Larrecq (GIE Dyade, France)
     - R. Haehnle (Karlsruhe Univ, Germany)
     - R. Hasegawa (Kyushu Univ, Japan)
     - R. Letz (TU Munich, Germany)
     - U. Moscato (Milan Univ, Italy)
     - N. Murray (SUNY at Albany, USA)
     - N. Olivetti (Torino Univ, Italy)
     - D. Pearce (DFKI, Saarbruecken, Germany)
     - J. Posegga (Deutsche Telekom, Germany)
     - E. Rosenthal (Univ of New Haven, USA)
     - P. Schmitt (Karlsruhe Univ, Germany)
     - C. Schwind (LIM-CNRS, Marseille, France)
     - H. de Swart (Tilburg Univ, The Netherlands) Chair
     - P. Voda (Comenius Univ, Slovakia)



Conference site

The city of Tilburg

Tilburg is a medium-sized modern town with around 183,000 inhabitants in 
the south of the Netherlands close to the Belgian border. The city 
grew out of a few small villages that specialized in textile in the 
past. Nowadays a variety of industrial activities replaced the textile 
industry and the town also developed a strong educational sector. 
Tilburg is located in between the harbours of Rotterdam and Antwerp 
and in between the capitals Amsterdam and Brussels. The culture is both
businesslike and relaxed. Tilburg has interesting museums such as the 
famous museum of modern art `De Pont', the Netherlands Textile museum 
and the `Natuurmuseum'. The town offers a wide variety of restaurants, 
theaters and bars. It has beautiful surroundings with protected 
nature areas such as the little lakes in Oisterwijk, the Kampina heath 
and the inland dunes of Drunen.

The village of Oisterwijk

The conference centre Boschoord is located in Oisterwijk, a residential 
but lively village, only a few kilometers from Tilburg and easily 
accessible by train, bus and car. The conference centre, open since
1993, is next to a special scenic area with lakes and woods 
offering excellent opportunities for walking and cycling.


Sponsors and Scientific supports

     - Department of Philosophy of Tilburg University, the Netherlands


More information

    - E-mail: H.C.M.deSwart@kub.nl 
    - WWW: http://cwis.kub.nl/~fsw_2/fww/tab98.htm 
    - for the Comparison: 


For any further information please contact:

Harrie de Swart
Section Logic and Analysis of Language
Department of Philosophy
Tilburg University
P.O. Box 90153
The Netherlands

e-mail: H.C.M.deSwart@kub.nl
phone: (+31) 13 466 24 15/29 85
fax: (+31) 13 466 28 92
URL: http://cwis.kub.nl/~fsw_2/fww/tab98.htm