RE: Type soundness for denotational semantics of state

I don't know of a proof based on denotational semantics; why would one 

Let me mention that Wright and Felleisen and (separately) I gave much 
simpler proofs of soundness for languages with references (among other 
extensions to core ML) based on operational semantics.  Abadi and Cardelli 
have adapted these methods to an object-based language.  No maximal fixed 
points or any similar constructions are required for these proofs.


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Mads Tofte's thesis contains a (now classic) proof of type
soundness for a language with state, based upon an operational
semantics.  Where would I go to find the same proof for a
denotational semantics, analogous to Milner's original proof
that well-typed programs cannot go wrong?  Thanks, -- P

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