Workshop on Internet Programming Languages: Call For Papers

                           FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS

                Workshop on Internet Programming Languages

                          In conjunction with the 

                           IEEE Computer Society
            1998 International Conference on Computer Languages

                             Loyola University
                        Chicago, USA, 13 May, 1998

The Internet has long provided a global computing infrastructure but, for
most of its history, there has not been much interest in programming
languages tailored specifically to that infrastructure.  More recently, the
Web has produced a widespread interest in global resources and, as a
consequence, in global programmability.  It is now commonplace to discuss
how programs can be made to run effectively and securely over the Internet.
This workshop will provide a forum for the discussions of all aspects of
computer languages for wide-area systems, including specification
languages, programming languages, semantics, implementation technologies,
and application experience.  Papers are sought that describe theoretical
results, language designs, implementation techniques, and experiences.
Areas of particular interest include, but are not limited to:

  *  Models of mobile computation 
  *  Semantic Frameworks 
  *  Programming constructs 
  *  Implementations 
  *  Run-time systems 
  *  Internet Models 


Two categories of papers are requested: presentation papers and poster
papers.  Presentation papers should be at most 6 double-spaced pages (10 pt
on 16 pt) in length.  Poster papers should be at most 2 double-spaced page
summaries (10 pt on 16 pt).  Electronic submissions should be sent to
wil98@eecs.tulane.edu.  The submissions must be in Postcript form and must
be viewable with Ghostview and printable on USletter.  The deadline for
submission is NOV 10, 1997.  Authors will be notified by FEB 18, 1998.
Participation in the workshop will be limited to only those who submit


Henri Bal                Vrije Univ, The Netherlands    bal@cs.vu.nl 
Boumediene Belkhouche    Tulane Univ, USA               bb@eecs.tulane.edu 
Luca Cardelli            Digital SRC, USA               luca@pa.dec.com