FSTTCS 17 Call for Participation (ASCII)

			 Seventeenth Conference on the

                           FOUNDATIONS OF SOFTWARE
                           TECHNOLOGY & THEORETICAL
                              COMPUTER SCIENCE

                            December 18-20, 1997

                     Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
	                      Kharagpur, India
 Organised by:
 Department of 
 Computer Science and Engineering
 Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
 Kharagpur 721302

General Information:

The seventeenth Conference on Foundations of Software Technology 
and Theoretical Computer Science (FST & TCS17) will be held at 
Kharagpur. This annual conference provides a platform for presentation 
of original research results in fundamental aspects of computer 
science. It also provides an excellent forum for meeting and
exchanging ideas with people who are at the frontline of software 
technology and theoretical computer science. The proceedings of 
this conference  are  published by Springer Verlag in the series 
Lecture Notes in Computer Science. The conference will be preceeded 
by a two-day workshop (December 16-17, 1997) on Randomized Algorithms.  
This  year's  conference and  workshop will be organised by the 
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute 
of Technology Kharagpur, India.

The registration form and travel/accommodation information
are included in this brochure.

Contact Address:
 Prof. S.C. DeSarkar,
 Chair, Organizing Committee,
 Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering,
 Indian Institute of Technology,
 Kharagpur, INDIA 721302.
 E-mail: fsttcs17@cse.iitkgp.ernet.in 
 Home Pages: http://iitkgp.allindia.com/fsttcs17
 Phone: ++91-3222-55221 to 55224 
 ++91-3222-77390 to 77393 
 Extn: 4707, 4701 (Off.) 
 Fax: ++91-3222-55303 

Important Deadlines:
Advanced Registration:  20th November, 1997
Accommodation Request:  20th November, 1997


Thursday, December 18, 1997
08:30-09:30 Registration
09:30-10:30 Invited Talk 1
Chair: Venkatesh Raman (IMSc, Chennai)
       Vijaya Ramachandran
       (Univ. Texas, Austin, USA)
               QSM: A general-purpose shared memory
               model for parallel computation
10:30-11:00  Tea 
11:00-12:30  Session 1
Chair: Ashok Subramanian (IISc, Bangalore) 
       T.K. Dey (IIT Kharagpur), A. Roy} (IIT Kharagpur),
       N.R. Shah (Mentor Graphics, USA)
	       Approximating geometric domains through 
	       topological triangulations
       S. Mahajan (LSI Logic, USA),
       E. Ramos (MPI, Germany),
       K.V. Subrahmanyam (SMI, Chennai) 
	       Solving some discrepancy problems in NC
       K. Cirino (Northeastern Univ., USA), 
       S. Muthukrishnan (Lucent Technologies, USA),
       N. Narayanaswamy (IISc, Bangalore),
       H. Ramesh (IISc, Bangalore)
	       Graph editing to bipartite interval graphs: Exact and
	       asymptotic bounds

12:30-14:00 Lunch 
14:00-15:00  Invited Talk 2
Chair: Paritosh Pandya (TIFR, Mumbai) 
       Edmund Clarke Jr.
       (Carnegie-Mellon Univ., USA) 
       		Model checking 
15:00-15:30  Tea
15:30-17:00  Session 2
Chair: A.K. Pujari (Univ. of Hyderabad)
       A. Kfoury (Boston Univ., USA) 
	       Recursion versus iteration at higher orders 
       A. Gordon (Cambridge Univ., UK),
       P. Hankin (Cambridge Univ., UK)
       S. Lassen (BRICS, Denmark) 
               Compilation and equivalence of imperative objects 
       M. Marchiori (CWI, Netherlands) 
               On the expressive power of rewriting 

Friday, December 19, 1997
09:00-10:00 Invited Talk 3 
Chair: C. Pandu Rangan (IIT Chennai)  
       Deepak Kapur
       (State Univ. of NY, Albany, USA)
       Mechanizing Verification of
		Arithmetic Circuits
10:00-11:00  Session 3
Chair: Vijay Chandru (IISc, Bangalore)
       E. Pontelli, D. Ranjan,  G. Gupta
       (New Mexico State Univ., USA) 
                On the complexity of parallel implementation of
		logic programs
       Jia-Huai You, Li-Yan Yuan, Randy Goebel
       (Univ. Alberta, Canada)  
                An abductive semantics for disjunctive logic programs 
		and its proof procedure
11:00-11:30 Tea
11:30-12:30 Session 4
Chair: Manindra Agrawal (IIT Kanpur) 
       S. Mohalik, R. Ramanujam (IMSc, Chennai) 
               Assumption-Commitment in automata 
       S. Kulkarni, A. Arora (Ohio State Univ., USA) 
               Design of multitolerant repetitive Byzantine agreement 
12:30-14:00 Lunch 
14:00-15:00 Invited Talk 4
Chair: Tamal Dey (IIT Kharagpur) 
       Madhu Sudan (LCS, MIT, USA) 
               Algorithmic issues in 
               error-correcting codes 
15:00-15:30 Tea
15:30-17:00 Session 5 
Chair: Sandeep Sen (IIT Delhi) 
       A. Seth (IMSc, Chennai) 
       	       Sharper results on the expressive power of 
               generalized quantifiers 
       N.V. Vinodchandran (IMSc, Chennai) 
              Improved lowness results for solvable black-box 
	      group problems 
       V. Arvind (IMSc, Chennai), 
       J. Koebler (Univ. Ulm, Germany) 
              On resource-bounded measure and pseudorandomness 
17:30  Business Meeting
19:30  Conference Dinner 

Saturday, December 20, 1997
09:00-10:00 Invited Talk 5
Chair: R. K. Shyamasundar (TIFR, Mumbai) 
       Moshe Vardi (Rice Univ., USA)
             Verification of open systems 
10:00-11:00  Session 6
Chair: Ashis Mukhopadhyay (IIT Kanpur)
       F. de Boer (Utrecht Univ., Netherlands), 
       U. Hannemann, W-P. de Roever (U. Kiel, Germany) 
             Hoare-style compositional proof systems for reactive 
             shared variable concurrency 
       K. Namjoshi (Univ. Texas, Austin, USA) 
             A simple characterization of stuttering bisimulation 
11:00-11:30  Tea
11:30-13:00  Session 7
Chair: Madhavan Mukund (SMI, Chennai) 
       R. Devillers (Univ. Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium),
       H. Klaudel (Univ. Paris-XII, France), 
       R. Riemann (Univ. Paris-Sud, France)   
             General refinement for high level Petri nets 
       C. Dufourd, A. Finkel (ENS de Cachan, France) 
             Polynomial-time many-one reductions for Petri nets 
       B. Graves (Univ. Hildesheim, Germany) 
             Computing reachability properties hidden in finite net 
13:00  Closing session 
13:30  Lunch 


Dates: 16-17, December, 1997
Venue: IIT Kharagpur

List of Speakers:

Aravind Srinivasan
(National University of Singapore)
  Scheduling and load-balancing via randomization
Vijaya Ramachandran
(The University of Texas at Austin). 
  Randomized Parallel Algorithms

Madhu Sudan
  Randomization in Algebraic Algorithms. 

Sandeep Sen
(Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India.) 
  Randomized algorithms in Computational geometry.

Edgar Ramos
(Max Planck Institute, Saarbrucken, Germany
  Randomized incremental geometric algorithms in



The registration fees for the conference are as follows:

Dates               General         Student      

Before Nov. 20      $ 125           $ 75 
After  Nov. 20      $ 150           $ 100  

Registration fee for the conference includes a copy of the conference
proceedings, lunch on the days of the conference. Student registration 
fee does not include the conference proceedings. IARCS student members 
do not have any registration fee.

Please fill up the following information and send it before
November 20, 1997.

Name :

Nationality :

Date of Birth :			Place of Birth :

Present Address :

Permanent Address :

Passport Number :		Date of Issue :

Place of Issue :		Expiration Date :


             REGISTRATION FORM (Conference & Workshop)

Please complete the following form and mail it along with your
draft to:

Prof. S. C. De Sarkar (FSTTCS17)
Dept. of Computer Sc. and Engineering
I.I.T. Kharagpur, India 721302.
Phone (91) (03222) 55221 to 55224 (Ext. 4707)
e-mail: fsttcs17@cse.iitkgp.ernet.in 

Please make your Demand-Draft in favour of
FST&TCS, KHARAGPUR payable at Calcutta, India.



Mailing Address:

Phone:                           Fax: 

Registration Details
(Please Tick)

	 General                Student 

         Before Nov. 20  	After  Nov. 20

         Conference              Workshop



Request for accommodation must be sent before
November 20, 1997.

Accommodation required:  Yes   No

Guest House Preference (choose at most 2)}: 
Approximate rates and types of rooms at the guest houses 
are given later in this brochure.

Institute Guest House:  Single  Shared

CEP Guest House 

Alumni Guest House 

Dates:	 From:	        	To:

Food Preference:	Vegetarian		Non-Vegetarian

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		Travel and Miscellaneous Information

	The Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur is one of the 
leading technological institutes in India. Located at a distance of 
120 km from Calcutta, it has a large lush green campus. 

 	In general, the winter climate at Kharagpur is pleasant with 
temperatures in the range of 12-20 degree celcius. Generally it does 
not rain during this time of the year.

Here is some information on how to reach Kharagpur and on the 
accomodation arrangements:


	Kharagpur is at a distance of 120 km from Calcutta, a major 
city in the eastern part of India. Travellers from abroad may come 
to Calcutta by air. Some of the well known airlines which serve 
Calcutta airport directly include Air India, British Airways, KLM, 
Air Jordan, Thai Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Tarom, and Aeroflot.

  	Kharagpur is the largest junction of the South Eastern 
Railway and is therefore well connected by the Indian Railways. 
There are direct trains from all parts of the country which pass 
through Kharagpur. There are also frequent trains from Howrah 
station (which is the main railway station of Calcutta) to Kharagpur. 
If you arrive at Calcutta by air, then it is best to take a pre-paid 
taxi from the airport to Howrah station and then take a train to

	The Indian Institute of Technology Campus is at a distance 
of 5 km from the railway station. Taxis and autos are available at 
the railway station.

 	 Detailed train timings and arrangements related to travel 
guidance will be sent on intimation of participation by e-mail/post.


	There are several guest houses in the campus. Accomodation 
arrangements for this conference are being made in these guest houses 
at the following rates.

Guest House Aprox. Rate

	Institute Guest House: 
	    (Double Room)
		        Single occupancy:  Rs 300.
                        Shared:            Rs 150.

	CEP Guest House:
			Double Room (shared):      Rs 60.

        Alumni Guest House:        Rs 45.

   	Kindly let us know your travel plans early so that we can make
  necessary arrangements for your accomodation. 

Program Committee:

 Manindra Agrawal (IIT Kanpur) 
 Ralph Back (Abo Akademi, Finland) 
 John Case  (U. Delaware)
 Vijay Chandru (IISc Bangalore)
 Joxan Jaffar  (NUS, Singapore) 
 Nachum Dershowitz (UIUC, Illinois) 
 Tamal K. Dey  (IIT Kharagpur) 
 Anna Gal  (Princeton) 
 Asish Mukhopadhyay (IIT Kanpur) 
 Madhavan Mukund  (SMI Madras) 
 Ketan Mulmuley  (IIT Bombay/U.Chicago) 
 C. Pandurangan  (IIT Madras) 
 P. K. Pandya  (TIFR Bombay) 
 A. K. Pujari  (U. Hyd., Hyderabad) 
 Vijaya Ramachandran (U. Texas) 
 Krithi Ramamritham  (U. Mass.)
 Venkatesh Raman (IMSc Madras) 
 S. Ramesh (IIT Bombay) (Co-chair) 
 Bala Ravikumar (U. Rhode Island) 
 Willem de Roever (Kiel University) 
 Sandeep Sen (IIT Delhi) 
 R. K. Shyamasundar (TIFR Bombay) 
 G. Sivakumar (IIT Bombay)(Co-chair) 
 Ashok Subramanian (IISc Bangalore) 

Organizing Committee:

 A. Bagchi  (IIM Calcutta) 
 P. P. Chakrabarti (IIT Kharagpur) (Treasurer)
 M. K. Chakraborty  (Calcutta Univ.)  
 P. P. Das  (IIT Kharagpur) 
 P. Dasgupta (IIT Kharagpur) 
 G. L. Datta (IIT Kharagpur) 
 S. C. De Sarkar (IIT Kharagpur) (Chair)
 T. K. Dey (IIT Kharagpur) (Convener)
 A. Pal  (IIT Kharagpur) 
 S. P. Pal  (IIT Kharagpur) 
 S. K. Sarangi (IIT Kharagpur) 
 D. Sarkar  (IIT Kharagpur) 
 B. P. Sinha (ISI Calcutta) 

Publicity Chair:

 Madhavan Mukund (SMI Madras)