New book announcement: Barwise and Seligman

Cambridge University Press is pleased to announce the publication of 
Information Flow: The Logic of Distributed Systems by Jon Barwise and Jerry

Information is a central topic in computer science, cognitive science, and
philosophy. In spite of its importance in the "information age," there is no
consensus on what information is, what makes it possible, and what it means
for one medium to carry information about another. Drawing on ideas from
mathematics, computer science, and philosophy, this book addresses the
definition and place of information in society. The authors, observing that
information flow is possible only within a connected distribution system,
provide a mathematically rigorous, philosophically sound foundation for a
science of information. They illustrate their theory by applying it to a wide
range of phenomena, from file transfer to DNA, from quantum mechanics to
speech act theory.
1997/290 pp.

For ordering information, please contact Kirsten Watrud at kwatrud@cup.org.