Logic Colloquium '98 Call for papers

                         LOGIC COLLOQUIUM '98

                    European Summer Meeting of the
                    Association for Symbolic Logic

            Prague, Czech Republic     August 9 - 15, 1998

                           CALL FOR PAPERS

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\Large\bf European Summer Meeting of the\\ Association for Symbolic Logic
Prague, Czech Republic \hfill August 9 - 15, 1998

The main topics of LC~'98 are proof theory, model
theory, set theory, recursion theory, logic in computer science,
history and philosophy of logic.}
The scientific program consists
of tutorials, invited plenary lectures, special sessions, 
and contributed talks.
The colloquium is organized by
the Mathematical Institute and the Institute of Computer Science
of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, in cooperation
with the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and the
Philosophical Faculty of the Charles University, and with the
University of Economics.

{\em Fuzzy Logic} by P.~H\'ajek (Prague),
{\em Complexity and Bounded Arithmetic} 
by J.~Kraj\'\i\v{c}ek (Prague/Oxford), and
{\em First-Order Theory of Groups} by Z.~Sela (Jerusalem).

\mypar{Invited Plenary Speakers:}
J.~van Benthem (Amsterdam),
S.~B.~Cooper (Leeds),
T.~Coquand (Goteborg),
A.~Ekert (Oxford),
L.~Fortnow (Chicago),
B.~Hart (Hamilton),
G.~Hjorth (Los Angeles),
T.~Jech (Penn State),
C.~G.~Jockusch (Urbana-Champaign),
P.~Komj\'ath  (Budapest),
L.~M.~Lipshitz (Purdue),
Y.~Palyutin (Novosibirsk),
A.~A.~Razborov (Moscow),
A.~G.~Setzer (Uppsalla),
T.~Strahm (Bern),
G.~Takeuti (Philadelphia),
P.~Welch (Bristol).

\mypar{Special Session Topics and Session Chairs:}
{\em computability theory} --- A.~Ku\v{c}era and R.~Shore, {\em model
theory} --- L.~van den Dries and A.~J.~Macintyre, {\em set theory} ---
L.~Bukovsk\'y and B.~Velikovic, {\em philosophical logic} --- R.~Parikh
and D.~Mundici, {\em proof theory} --- W.~Buchholz and G.~Mints.  

The deadline for submission of abstracts is {\bf Monday April 6,
1998}. The length of an abstract is limited to one page (we
recommend to use most of this space, to make the abstract
sufficiently descriptive). 
In addition to distributing printed
abstracts to the participants as usual, we plan
to make the abstracts received in a suitable form available at
the www page. 
The preferable way of submitting your abstract is
by email to {\tt lc98@math.cas.cz}.  Please send us two
different e-mail messages with:
Your personal information and the ASCII text of your abstract (to be
put on the www page). This message should consist of
the subject line {\tt ABSTRACT <your name>}, and
the body containing lines {\tt Title:, Author:,
Affiliation:, E-mail:, http:}
(if available), in this order, with the obvious contents, followed by a
blank line and the text of your abstract. If necessary, you can typeset
mathematical expressions in \TeX, however, keep in mind that this abstract
will be posted as an ASCII text on the www page.
The postscript of the abstract (to be printed in the book of abstracts),
limit one page (including the title, references, etc.). This message should
consist of 
the subject line {\tt ABSTRACT POSTSCRIPT <your name>},
the body containing only the postscript file.
If submitting by email is impossible for you, send a hardcopy to the
contact address below. Remember that we have to we receive the abstract
by the deadline of April 6, 1998.

\mypar{Contact Address:}
Logic Colloquium '98,
Mathematical Institute, AS~\v{C}R,
CZ~-~115~67 Praha~1,
Czech Republic.
Phone: +420-2-222~11~631

\bf WWW: \verb+http://www.math.cas.cz/~lc98/+
E-mail: \verb+lc98@math.cas.cz+ 
\hfill (continued)


\sc CALL FOR PAPERS (continued)

\mypar{Honorary Chairman of the Colloquium:} P.~Vop\v{e}nka (Prague).

\mypar{Program Committee:}
C.~Ambos-Spies (Heidelberg),
L.~Bukovsk\'{y} (Ko\v{s}ice),
S.~Buss ({\bf chair}, San Diego),
P.~Clote (Munich),
S.~Cook (Toronto),
L.~van den Dries (Urbana),
P.~H\'ajek (Prague),
A.~J.~Macintyre (Oxford),
Y.~Moschovakis (Los Angeles),
D.~Mundici (Milan),
R.~Parikh (New York),
P.~Pudl\'ak (Prague),
J.-P.~Ressayre (Paris),
S.~S.~Wainer (Leeds),
B.~Zilber (Kemerovo).

\mypar{Organizing Committee:} B.~Balcar, P.~H\'ajek ({\bf
chair}), J.~Iv\'anek, P.~Jirk\accent23u, J.~Kraj\'\i\v{c}ek, A.~Ku\v{c}era,
P.~Pudl\'ak, J.~Sgall, P.~\v{S}t\v{e}p\'anek, L.~V\'achov\'a, M.~Zeithamlov\'a.

The ASL will make available modest travel grants to graduate
students in logic and to recent PhDs, so that they may attend
the 1998 ASL European Summer Meeting (LC~'98) in Prague. To be considered
for a travel grant, please send a letter of application, and ask
your thesis supervisor to send a brief recommendation letter.
The application letter should be brief (one page) and should include
your name,
your home institution,
your thesis supervisor's name,
a one-paragraph description of your studies and work in logic,
your estimate of the travel expenses you will incur,
(for citizens or residents of the USA) citizenship or visa status,
(voluntary) indication of your gender and minority status.
Only modest grants will be possible, partially covering travel costs
and perhaps some of the living expenses during the meeting. Women and members
of minority groups are strongly encouraged to apply. In addition to funds
provided by the ASL, this program of travel grants is now supported by a
grant from the US National Science Foundation; NSF funds may be awarded
only to citizens and permanent residents of the USA.
Applications and recommendation letters should
be sent preferably by e-mail to 
{\tt sbuss@ucsd.edu}
or to:
{\em Program Chair of LC'98,
Sam Buss,
Department of Mathematics,
University of California at San Diego,
La Jolla, California 92093-0112,
The deadline for applications is {\bf Monday April 6, 1998}.

To help us in planning the colloquium, please fill in the
reply form on the conference WWW page, or simply cut
this form and fax or mail it to Action~M Agency (see the address
It will be most helpful to us if we receive the form by December~31,
\mypar{Local Arrangements, Registration:}
Action M Agency,
CZ~-~101~00 Praha~10,
Czech Republic;
phone: +420-2-6731~2333 or 6731~2334,
fax: +420-2-6731~0503



Last name: \dotfill\quad First name: \dotfill\quad 
\checkbox Mr. \checkbox Ms.
E-mail: \dotfill
Affiliation: \dotfill
Street: \dotfill
City: \dotfill\dotfill\quad Postal (ZIP) Code: \dotfill\quad
Country: \dotfill
Phone: \dotfill\quad Fax: \dotfill
I plan to attend LC~'98 without presenting a contributed talk
I plan to attend LC~'98 and present a contributed talk in the
following area:
\checkbox proof~theory\quad\checkbox 
model~theory\quad\checkbox set~theory\quad\checkbox
recursion\quad\checkbox other: \dotfill
I prefer to receive subsequent information by
\hspace{2em}\checkbox e-mail\quad\checkbox hardcopy\quad\checkbox WWW

\bf WWW: \verb+http://www.math.cas.cz/~lc98/+
E-mail: \verb+lc98@math.cas.cz+