ITALLC98: Final Call for Papers...

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                        FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS

                   Third International Conference on
              Information-Theoretic Approaches to Logic,
                       Language, and Computation

                           Hsi-tou, Taiwan

                          16-19 June, 1998

This conference aims to bring together researchers who use
information-theoretic tools to address issues in the cognitive
sciences, broadly conceived to include Computer Science, Linguistics,
Logic, Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology.  It will be the third of
a series of conferences on information-theoretic approaches, and the
sixth of a series of conferences on situation theory and its

1998 is the 50th anniversary of Shannon's pioneering work.  The
intervening years have seen classical information theory become a
mature subject, and the birth of other approaches to the study of
information, such as situation theory and dynamic logic. This
conference welcomes submissions from all traditions in the study of

The conference will take place in a lodge in Hsi-tou, a bamboo forest
in the central mountains of Taiwan. The location offers both excellent
facilities and relative isolation. It is one of the most beautiful
parts of Taiwan, close to Sun-Moon lake, one of Taiwan's aboriginal
villages, and the peaks of the Central Mountain Range, which at 14,000
feet are some of the highest mountains in Asia outside the Himalayas.


	David Beaver (Linguistics, Stanford) 
        Nick Chater (Psychology, Warwick)
        David Israel (AI Center, SRI and CSLI, Stanford)
        Michiel van Lambalgen (Mathematics and Computer Science, Amsterdam)
	Greg Mulhauser (British Telecom Laboratories)

 (Further invited speakers are expected to be announced.)


 We solicit papers on the following topics:

   * Foundations and applications of various approaches
     to the study of information, for example: 
      -Shannon-Weaver communication theory 
      -Barwise-Seligman Channel theory
      -Situation Theory
      -Dynamic Semantics
      -Dretske's semantic theory of information
   * Information-based approaches to the syntax, semantics and
     pragmatics of natural language
   * Information-based approaches to philosophy of mind, consciousness
     studies, and epistemology
   * Information-theoretic approaches to cognitive psychology
   * Information-theoretic approaches to induction and learning
   * Probabilistic methods in epistemology and logic
   * Theory change, including Belief Revision and Bayesian approaches

 Papers on related subjects will also be considered. Papers of
interest to an interdisciplinary audience are particularly welcome.


Authors are invited to submit an **extended abstract** of at most 10
pages by e-mail to


(using `ITALLC98 Submission' as the subject line).  The cover page
should include title, authors and contact details of the corresponding
author. Submission of postscript files is strongly encouraged, though
LaTeX and plain text is fine too.

Although we prefer email submissions, we will also accept abstracts
sent by regular mail.  Please send such 6 copies of such submissions to:
     Patrick Blackburn
     University of Saarland
     D-66041 Saarbruecken

The DEADLINE for submissions is

     December 15, 1997.


     February 15, 1998.  

The accepted abstracts will appear on a World Wide Web server.  The
revised proceedings of previous meetings have been published as
volumes in CSLI's Lecture Notes series.  We anticipate publishing a
similar volume from the proceedings of this conference.

The ITALLC98 website is


This site is mirrored at:

PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Patrick Blackburn (Chair), Nick Braisby,
                    Lawrence Cavedon, Sheila Glasbey, Atsushi Shimojima.

ORGANISING COMMITTEE: Jerry Seligman (Chair), Allen Houng, Kuo-Wei Lee, 
		       Cheng-Houng Lin, Jim Tai, Ovid Zheng, 
                         Patrick Blackburn (Program Liaison)

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