Meeting on Linear Logic and Typed Lambda-Calculus

			Call for Contributions

The Meeting "Linear Logic and Typed Lambda Calculus" will be held in
Marseille-Luminy (CIRM) from April the 5th 1998 (arrival date) to April the
11th (departure date).

The meeting will be in two parts, the first part (between 3 and 4
days) will be dedicated to Linear Logic, and the second part to Typed
Lambda Calculus. The precise balance will depend on the participants.

Both parts are mainly on invitations.

The Typed Lambda Calculus part is the meeting of a EU project, and has a
purely internal selection process, without program committee. This is not the
case for the Linear Logic part. A program committee consisting of

Jean-Yves Girard
Mitsu Okada
Andre Scedrov

has already issued a certain number of invitations. 

A few slots for contributed papers are available. They should be submitted by
sending me an e-mail (ehrhard@iml.univ-mrs.fr) by January the 16th 1998.
This message should contain either the paper itself in compressed postscript
format, or an URL giving access to the paper.

Notification of acceptance/rejection will be given by February the 27th.

Best regards,
Thomas Ehrhard