junior visitor in Padua


   The italian CNR - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche has allotted some
funds for junior visitors to Italy, for visits of 2 to 6 months, and about
1.000 ecu per month. The applicants must be under 36 and must not be
italian citizens or resident in Italy.
   The typical fields of research of the group of logicians in Padova are
formal topology (including its generalization called the basic picture) and
basic logic. For more information, see the www page with address


Thus our ideal candidate, whom we would support in the national
competition, has solid knowledge and good research experience on either
constructive type theory (preferably in Martin-Löf's formulation) or
substructural logics (preferably with a proof-theoretic approach, in the
style of Girard for linear logic). Also, he/she should have strong
motivation to do research work on a specific development either of formal
topology or of basic logic (preferably by collaborating with one of us).
   Knowledge of italian is not necessary, but of course it can help.
   The visit must take place in 1998; we would prefer the period
April-July. Potential visitors should send by December 15, 1997, a
curriculum vitae and, if desired, a short description of the expected topic
of research, with motivations.
   The final decision by the CNR should be taken by the end of January 1998.

                                             Giovanni Sambin