CfP: Workshop & Tutorial on Categorical Rewriting at RTA'98.

[The following announcement may be of interest to readers of the TYPES
 list, since categorical rewriting takes a more abstract approach 
 to term rewriting, with results which can be relevant to type 
 theory as well-- see e.g. the work of Ghani about decision
 procedures for typed lambda calculi ("adjoint rewriting"), or of
 Hasegawa about implementation techniques for recursive computations
 ("cyclic lambda calculi").

 Apologies if you receive multiple copies.			--cxl]

                  Categorical  Rewriting
     RTA'98 Workshop & Tutorial - Call for Participation

The fact that category theory can provide a semantics for rewriting at
a level of abstraction between concrete syntax and the relational
models given by abstract reduction systems is beginning to be used
with increasing success in rewriting.

The aim of this workshop and tutorial is to provide an opportunity for
the participants of RTA'98 to learn more about categorical term
rewriting, and to provide a meeting place for researchers within the
field to present and discuss new ideas where category theory can be
fruitfully applied to rewriting.

The workshop and tutorial will occupy one afternoon of RTA'98. The
tutorial will comprise introductory talks about the categorical
concepts relevant to term rewriting, such as the theory of monads. For
the workshop, talks are invited about work applying categorical or
algebraic concepts to term rewriting or related areas, such as graph
rewriting, string rewriting or unification.

Important dates are as follows:

 31 January 1998      Submission deadline
 15 February 1998     Notification of acceptance and final programme
 1 March 1998         Final versions are due for the informal proceedings
 31 March 1998        RTA 98 Workshop & Tutorial on Categorical Rewriting

For more information and instructions on submitting a talk see one of


Registration for the workshop (with or without submitting a talk)
should be done via the RTA registration form at


Late on-site registration will be possible.


 Neil Ghani                   Christoph Lueth                Fer-Jan de Vries
 University of Birmingham     Universitaet Bremen            ETL
 Birmingham, England          Bremen, Germany                Tsukuba, Japan
 nxg@cs.bham.ac.uk            cxl@informatik.uni-bremen.de   ferjan@etl.go.jp