CALL FOR PARTICIPATION


     9th International Conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications

                         University of Tsukuba, Japan
                           March 30 - April 1, 1998

This document contains

* program
* registration and accommodation information

For further details consult the RTA98 websites:




                               SUNDAY, MARCH 29

Satellite event: Workshop on Explicit Substitutions (WESTAPP98)

18:00  RTA98 welcome reception


                               MONDAY, MARCH 30

 9:15 - 10:15  invited talk I

Jan Willem Klop
Origin Tracking in Term Rewriting

10:45 - 12:15  session I

Satoshi Okui
Simultaneous Critical Pairs and Church-Rosser Property

Enno Ohlebusch
Church-Rosser Theorems for Abstract Reduction Modulo an Equivalence Relation

Friedrich Otto, Andrea Sattler-Klein, Klaus Madlener
Automatic Monoids versus Monoids with Finite Convergent Presentations

13:45 - 15:15  session II

Jordi Levy
Decidable and Undecidable Second-Order Unification Problems

Manfred Schmidt-Schauss, Klaus U. Schulz
On the Exponent of Periodicity of Minimal Solutions of Context Equations

Florent Jacquemard, Christoph Meyer, Christoph Weidenbach
Unification in Extensions of Shallow Equational Theories

15:45 - 17:15  session III

Qing Guo, Paliath Narendran, Sandeep K. Shukla
Unification and Matching in Process Algebras

Renate A. Schmidt
E-Unification for Subsystems of S4

Sebastian Limet, Pierre Rety
Solving Disequations Modulo Some Class of Rewrite Systems

17:30 - 18:30  RTA98 general assembly


                               TUESDAY, MARCH 31

 9:15 - 10:15  invited talk II

Hubert Comon
About Proofs by Consistency

10:45 - 12:15  session IV

Johannes Waldmann
Normalization of S-Terms is Decidable  (best student paper)

Thomas Genet
Decidable Approximations of Sets of Descendants and Sets of Normal Forms

Rakesh M. Verma, Michael Rusinowitch, Denis Lugiez
Algorithms and Reductions for Rewriting Problems

13:45  RTA98 mini workshops

* Applications of Rewriting
  organized by Leo Bachmair, Deepak Kapur

* Categorical Rewriting
  organized by Neil Ghani, Christoph Lueth, Fer-Jan de Vries

19:00  RTA98 banquet


                              WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1

 9:15 - 10:15  invited talk III

Gordon Plotkin
Binding Algebras: A Step between Universal Algebra and Type Theory

10:45 - 12:15  session V

Anatoli Degtyarev, Yuri Gurevich, Paliath Narendran, Margus Veanes, Andrei
The Decidability of Simultaneous Rigid E-Unification with One Variable

Martin Mueller, Joachim Niehren
Ordering Constraints over Feature Trees Expressed in Second-Order Monadic Logic

Witold Charatonik, Andreas Podelski
Co-definite Set Constraints

13:45 - 15:45  session VI

Thomas Arts, Juergen Giesl
Modularity of Termination Using Dependency Pairs

Claude Marche, Xavier Urbain
Termination of Associative-Commutative Rewriting by Dependency Pairs

Takahito Aoto, Yoshihito Toyama
Termination Transformation by Tree Lifting Ordering

Hongwei Xi
Towards Automated Termination Proofs through "Freezing"

16:15 - 17:45  session VII

Olivier Danvy, Kristoffer Hogsbro Rose
Higher-Order Rewriting and Partial Evaluation

Yohji Akama
SN Combinators and Partial Combinatory Algebra

Dirk Fuchs
Coupling Saturation-Based Provers by Exchanging Positive/Negative Information



RTA98 is organized in cooperation with

* Japan Society for Software Science and Technology

The following organizations provide financial support:

* Chubu Electric Company

* Electrotechnical Laboratories (ETL)

* International Information Science Foundation

* Kayamori Foundation of Information Science Advancement

* Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture of Japan
      Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Priority Areas "Research on
      the Principles for Constructing Software with Evolutionary Mechanisms"

* Okawa Foundation for Information and Telecommunications

* Technical University of Munich

* University of Tsukuba
      Center for Tsukuba Advanced Research Alliance
      Institute of Information Sciences and Electronics




All amounts are in Japanese yen. 

                        until March 1  after March 1
               regular     25,000         35,000  
               student     15,000         20,000  
   accompanying person      7,000          7,000   

Both the regular and the student fees include a copy of the proceedings,
lunches on the conference days, the reception on Sunday and the banquet on
Tuesday. The fee for accompanying persons covers the reception and banquet.


                        until March 1  after March 1 

             WESTAPP98      2,500          3,500   
   RTA98 mini workshop      1,000          2,000   

The workshop fee includes a copy of the proceedings (if applicable). The
WESTAPP98 fee also includes lunch on Sunday. Registration for the workshops
only is not possible.



Participants in Japan are requested to pay by bank transfer (see the RTA98
webpage for details). Overseas participants can pay by credit card (VISA or
Mastercard) or international money order (payable to "RTA98 - Tetsuo Ida").
All payment must be in Japanese yen.



Participants are expected to arrive on Saturday, March 28 or Sunday, March 29
and to depart on Wednesday, April 1 or Thursday, April 2.



We reserved a block of rooms in Hotel Grand Shinonome, a comfortable hotel in
the vicinity of Tsukuba Center. The hotel provides a free bus service to and
from the conference site. The prices quoted below include buffet-style
breakfast. Check-in is between 3 pm and midnight.

   price per room per night    

   single      8,000
     twin     14,000



We also provide accommodation in the two guest-houses of the University of
Tsukuba, the Tsukuba Study and Training Center, and the guest-house of ETL.
Some of these places are within walking distance of the conference locations,
others are easily reached by (public) bus. The price depends on the room but
generally falls within the 1,000 - 4,000 range (per person per night). Some
of these places have shared toilet/bath and don't offer breakfast. Check-in
is between 4 and 11 pm.



Participants staying at Hotel Grand Shinonome can pay directly at the hotel
when checking out. The hotel accepts major credit cards. Participants staying
at the other places should be prepared to pay cash at the RTA98 registration
desk upon arrival; participants will be informed in advance of the exact



Please return the completed registration and accommodation form by email, fax,
or mail to

email: rta98@score.is.tsukuba.ac.jp

fax:   +81 298 53 5206

mail:  RTA98 
       Institute of Information Sciences and Electronics
       University of Tsukuba
       Tsukuba 305, Japan

One of these alternatives suffices. Participants will receive a confirmation
together with details of the accommodation after the registration and
accommodation form is processed.




      (first)       (middle)       (last)


mailing address:

phone:                      email:
fax:                        url:

I will attend the following workshops:
    [ ] WESTAPP98                  
    [ ] Applications of Rewriting 
    [ ] Categorical Rewriting    

name(s) of accompanying person(s):

preferred name on name-tag:

workshop fees:                            yen
conference fee:                           yen
accompanying person fee:                  yen

TOTAL AMOUNT:                             yen

I will pay the total amount by
    [ ] bank transfer             (for participants in Japan)
    [ ] international money order (for overseas participants)
    [ ] credit card               (for overseas participants)
        [ ] VISA  [ ] Mastercard
        credit card number:
        name of card holder:
        expiration date:
        date:              signature of card holder:


[ ] I request accommodation
    [ ] single room
    [ ] twin room, share with:

    preference (S = Hotel Grand Shinonome, O = Other Accommodation)
    [ ] first choice
    [ ] second choice

arrival date:               departure date:


[ ] vegetarian

special requests: