FLOPS'98 Call for Participation

                         CALL FOR PARTICIPATION


		The Third Fuji International Symposium 
		   Functional and Logic Programming

			  April 2-4, 1998
		      Kyoto University, Japan

Further information:


			April 2nd, Thursday

13:50-14:00	Opening
14:00-15:00	Invited Talk 

Masako Takahashi
Lambda-representable Functions over Free Structures, Revisited

15:15-17:15	Session 1

Pierre-Louis Curien, Hugo Herbelin
Computing with Abstract Bohm Trees

Nadia Nedjah
Postponing Redex Contractions in Equational Programs

Hideya Iwasaki, Zhenjiang Hu, Masato Takeichi
Towards Manipulation of Mutually Recursive Functions

			April 3rd, Friday

10:00-12:00	Session 2 

Manuel M. T. Chakravarty, Yike Guo, Martin Kohler
Distributed Haskell: Goffin on the Internet

Ralf Hinze
Prological Features in a Functional Setting Axioms and Implementations

Hiroshi Ishikawa, Jose Meseguer, Takuo Watanabe, Kokichi Futatsugi
On the semantics of GAEA

13:30-14:30	Invited Talk 
Claude Kirchner
A Functional View of Rewriting and Strategies: The Semantics of ELAN

14:45-16:05	Session 3

Hiroyuki Miyoshi
Rewriting Logic for Cyclic Sharing Structures

Takafumi Sakurai
Categorical Model for Syntactic Properties

16:20-17:40	Session 3 (continued)

Izumi Takeuti
A Type Theory for Cyclic Structures

Yasuyuki Tsukada
Type-free equational reasoning in the theory of inductively defined types

18:00-		Banquet
			April 4th, Saturday

10:00-12:00	Session 4

Sergei Abramov, Robert Gluck
Semantics Modifiers: an Approach to Non-Standard Semantics of 
Programming Languages

Olivier Danvy
Online Type-Directed Partial Evaluation

Edgar F. A. Lederer, Romeo A. Dumitrescu
Two-Stage Programming

12:00-12:10	Closing

FLOPS'98 will be sponsored by Japan Society for Software Science and 

The proceedings will be published by World Scientific, Singapore as a 
book titled "Proc. Third Fuji International Symposium on Functional and
Logic Programming".


Registration fee covers attendance in all sessions, a copy of the 
proceedings, refreshments, and the banquet.  It does not cover 
accommodation.  The student rate applies to full-time students. 

				Through March 10th 	From March 11th
	Regular participant 	20,000 Yen		30,000 Yen
	Full-time student 	10,000 Yen		15,000 Yen
			Registration Fee 

Please fill the attached registration form, and send it by either FAX 
or postal mail (e-mail registration is not possible).

FAX number: 	+81-75-753-4954 (from abroad)
		075-753-4954 (from Japan)

Postal address: FLOPS'98
		Sato Laboratory
		Department of Information Science
		Kyoto University
		Kyoto 606-01, JAPAN

Registration will be confirmed by FAX or postal mail. 


Unfortunately we cannot arrange lodging for participants from Japan,
so you are encouraged to book by yourself.  Since early April is a
nice season for sightseeing, you had better book as early as possible.
A list of hotels in Kyoto will be shown at our web page.  Many hotels 
offer special discount rates for participants of this symposium (you 
should mention ``FLOPS'98'' when you book one of these hotels).

If you are a participant from abroad, we will help your booking; contact
to the local arrangements staff by e-mail at fuji@kuis.kyoto-u.ac.jp.  


Personal Details

Postal address: 
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Status: 	__ Regular participant __ Full-time student
		(please check either one)
Special dietary request:

Payment Details

You may pay for your registration by either credit card (we accept VISA 
and Mastercard) or bank transfer. All payments must be in Japanese Yen. 

Registration fee: _________ Yen
		  (please write your registration fee here)

__ Credit Card:
	Card Type: 		__ Master card  __ Visa card 
	Card Number: 		
	Name of Card-holder:	
        Expiration Date: 	

__ Bank Transfer: 
	To: 		Daiichi-Kangyo Bank, Hyakumanben Branch
     	Account Name 	Daisankai Fuji Kokusai Shimpojiumu
     	Account No.  	2028854
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