FMCS 98 Announcement & Registration

         **** Announcement and Registration ****

	Foundational Methods in Computer Science:
	A workshop on applications of categories
                  in computer science

                    May 29--31, 1998

                      Reed College, 
                    Portland, Oregon

    Sponsored by the Computer Science and Engineering 
    Department at Oregon Graduate Institute of Science
      & Technology and the Department of Mathematics
	            at Reed College.

The workshop is an informal meeting to bring together researchers in
mathematics and computer science with a focus on the application of
category theory in computer science.  It is a three day meeting that
starts off with a day of tutorials aimed at students and newcomers to
category theory, followed by a day and a half of research talks.  All
sessions will be held on the Reed campus which is quiet, beautifully
landscaped, and adjacent to a park and a public golf course.

Guest speakers at this year's workshop include:
    David Espinosa (Kestrel Institute)
    Richard Jullig (Arrow Logics)
    Eugenio Moggi (University of Genova)
    Philip Wadler (Lucent)

The remaining research talks are solicited from the participants.
Time is limited, so please register early if you would like to give a

Student participation is particularly encouraged at FMCS.  We have
applied for an NSF grant which would provide some support for students
to attend the workshop.  Please inquire if you are interested.

The registration fee is $105 for regular registration and $70 for
students.  Registration includes reception, all meals, including a banquet, 
and proceedings of the meeting.  The lodging fee is $80, which covers 
3 nights lodging ($25/night) and linen fee ($5.00) at Reed College.
Please visit the FMCS98 web site for further details:


		** Registration **

Please send registration information via email to Kelly@cse.ogi.edu.

You can also register on-line at 

Advance payment is preferred.  Checks should be payable to Oregon
Graduate Institute and should reference FMCS98.  They should be mailed
	FMCS98 (Kelly Atkinson)
	Computer Science and Engineering
	Oregon Graduate Institute
	P.O. Box 91000
	Portland, OR 97291-1000

Job title:
registration fee (regular = $105, student = $70): _______
Vegetarian banquet meal? (yes/no)

presentation? (yes/no)

dorm rooms:  (list nights needed)
cost = $5.00 + ____ nights * $25 = $__.00

If you want to stay off campus, please make those arrangements on your

Please mark the days you plan to attend:
Reception, Thursday, May 28, 1998 ____
             Friday, May 29, 1998 ____
           Saturday, May 30, 1998 ____
             Sunday, May 31, 1998 ____

Extra Banquet tickets ($25/person):

** Questions? **

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Jeff Lewis,
Jim Hook or Kelly Atkinson at OGI.

Jeff Lewis
 Phone: (503) 690-4035
 Fax:   (503) 690-1548  

James Hook             
 Phone: (503) 690-1169  
 Fax:   (503) 690-1548  

Kelly Atkinson
 Phone: (503) 690-1336
 Fax:   (503) 690-1548  

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology
P.O. Box 91000
Portland, OR 97291-1000